Managed Windows VPS

Managed Windows VPS

When you utilize an instant Windows VPS, it means you are sharing hosting services with other people/companies but are not compromising on website speed and performance. VPS hosting guarantees disk space, memory and reliability along with a certain level of security. That is why small and medium businesses are utilizing VPS hosting services at an increasing rate. More and more companies are turning to Windows virtual server hosting solutions to meet their IT needs and goals. But obtaining a VPS plan does not equate to obtaining a fully functional website. The owner has a big role to play in terms of site administration and maintenance. He or she needs to have a certain skill level in order for the site to run efficiently. In situations where an IT newbie owns the website, there is a high learning curve involved. Either that person can learn the ropes or he can pay for a managed Windows VPS solution.

Defining a Managed Windows VPS

Think of a managed Windows VPS solutions killing two birds with one stone. Utilizing a managed VPS service means that you have your own virtual server and at the same time you leave it in the hands of a skilled IT professional. Basically, it is like having your own dedicated server and offsite IT manpower to support your website’s needs. Managed VPS is a special arrangement with your hosting company in which your IT provider handles the responsibilities needed to keep your website working. For a better understanding, let us compare the situation to regular Windows VPS hosting. In a regular VPS service, the website owner assumes full control and management of his website. This includes maintenance, administration, updating of content, etc. In a managed VPS, the provider takes on this duty. There is also a different plan for a partially managed Windows VPS and a fully managed Windows VPS. As the name suggests, partial management still leaves some maintenance responsibilities in the hands of the site owner. Meanwhile, a fully managed Windows VPS means that a company lets their IT provider take care of all the technical bits of properly running a website. In plans, twenty-four seven customer and technical support is guaranteed. A managed Windows VPS may come as an additional cost to your monthly service plan but the additional cost is well worth it. Since you don’t have to focus on site management, as a business you can focus your attention on your business instead of your website maintenance.A managed solution gives companies more time to work on the content, the traffic and the website’s interaction with the public ultimately translating to higher sales and a higher ROI. The experience of having a VPS is like having Windows dedicated server hosting. Instead of having VPS services to simply keep your website running, you are able to enjoy the advantage of a dedicated server at less cost and resource requirements. Here are some more advantages of utilizing a managed Windows VPS:
  • Security. When you sign-up for managed Windows VPS, the service usually comes with twenty-four seven server monitoring that can quickly and easily detect any security threats to your website. Apart from peace of mind, you also eliminate unnecessary services and functions as your chosen company optimizes the server to be robust and efficient. Only big companies with dedicated manpower could do this before. Using a managed solution is very similar to the experience of having your own Windows virtual dedicated hosting.
  • Data Backup. Security can never be guaranteed one hundred percent of the time. There is always a new way a determined hacker can penetrate any system. When this happens, the amount of headache it can bring is unimaginable. Not to mention data losses and security compromises. Managed VPS offers a backup of data files, where important information is saved on a separate location regularly.
  • Software Installations. As you have someone managing your website, you have the advantage of the latest versions of software installations. The result is a high performance site that makes any users’ experience worthwhile.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Windows VPS

Most Windows VPS hosting plans currently available on the market today are unmanaged. While this means that you have full control of the website, it might not always be a good thing. If you are not knowledgeable in site management, then processes like setup, installation, migration and updates become complicated tasks that compromise your site’s function. Due to this, you will need to have someone manage it for you, translating to additional costs for your company. Before shrugging-off the idea of a managed Windows VSP, think long-term. Do a financial analysis and consider personal time and skill implications. You might find that the additional amount is well worth every extra dollar.