Windows VPS Reviews

Windows VPS Reviews

Let us dissect the cost of maintaining a private server. The hardware itself can cost a company up to $40,000 and the software can range from $3,000 – $8,000. There is also expenses for your website or IT manager, Internet connection and the utilities associated with the physical space where you store your server. In warmer climates, big servers need to be maintained in air-conditioned rooms, creating huge impacts on monthly electricity bills. Safe to say, the cost involved in maintaining a dedicated server might be too much for small to medium businesses to bear. If a company does not mind sharing a server with more than a hundred other sites, then shared hosting might be a path worth looking at. However if $20 – $100 per month sounds feasible, then Windows VPS Hosting becomes the go to hosting solution offering security and reliability. So what is VPS (Virtual Private Server)? By utilizing a VPS your company does not have to maintain the hardware and software set-up of maintaining a server. A VPS offers the experience of having a dedicated server but at more affordable prices. A VPS can also run different operating systems such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7 and even Unix and Linux. Although Linux OS’s are available in VPS solutions, more people prefer using a Windows VPS because of its compatibility to many Windows-based and commonly-used website programs.

Finding the Best Windows VPS Solution

Sold on finding a VPS plan for your website? Solar VPS has you covered. Since VPS have gained popularity within the IT world, it’s easy to research Windows VPS comparison between brands. Here is a break down of Solar VPS Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting services
  • Price Structure: Solar VPS begins our Windows virtual private server web hosting solutions at $29.50 per month. Our rates increase as consumers add on VPS add-ons and increase their resource allocations
  • Custom Cloud VPS Resource Allocation: Solar VPS gives you the ability to fully customize your web hosting needs. Unlike other companies who only provide you with preplanned packages for VPS creation, Solar VPS leaves that package creation to the user.
Although monthly fees are a big consideration, it is not your only guiding factor when choosing a Windows VPS provider. Anyone on the hunt for a great Windows VPS plan should take a look at important features such as the amount of RAM, disk space, uptime, monitoring and technical support. The best VPS plans should make it easy for a website owner (no matter the skill level) to develop and run a website.

Features to Watch Out For

Any Windows VPS hosting review will offer an itemized account of features that affect a web hosting providers overall efficiency. It will also list add-ons that will further improve website function. Here is a rundown of what to look for:
  • RAM. Random Access Memory or RAM, determines the speed of your computer. The more RAM your VPS has, the more programs you can run without experiencing any lag in performance. Currently, the minimum amount of RAM in a basic VPS plan is 1GB. Keep in mind general efficiency is set at 2GB or more.
  • Disk Space. Disk space is where you install programs and save data. The more disk space your VPS has, the more programs you can install and run. For a website 20 GB to 30 GB is standard. But if your website is running more programs and needs more data, 50 to 100 GB is required.
  • Uptime. This is the amount of time a website needs to startup. The shorter the uptime, the faster your program loads.
  • Reliability: A website should be available 24/7/365.
  • Unmetered. Unmetered Windows VPS promises unlimited bandwidth to the user, no matter how many apps are running and how many people are on the website at any given time. For many website owners, unmetered VPS is the end-all and be-all of bandwidth glory.
  • Managed. In a managed VPS plan, the provider will take care of all administrative and operational duties of a website. Despite the additional cost, a managed VPS is a great deal because it allows businesses to get back to doing their work without having to worry about their website maintenance. All in all, when in the market to buy VPS Windows solutions for your growing company, doing your research via forums on VPS reviews is a great place to start.