Best windows vps

Best Windows VPS

Any one who maintains a company websiteunderstands how difficult and expensive it is to manage one. Usually, large companies will have a dedicated professional or a group of professionals to do this however this might not be feasible for start-ups and new business. Due to this cheap Windows VPS servers are becoming a practical choice for those who are in need of a dedicated web server. Running a private server requires resources as well as software and hardware knowledge. Most companies which offer private servers run them on operating systems that might be too complex for the common user. As such, Windows VPS has become a popular option that gives user’s access to a VPS running a version of windows. Finding the best Windows VPS hosting is very important to any small and medium businesses. When you utilize Windows VPS hosting solutions the provider you choose will most likely offer twenty-four hour monitoring and managing, access through remote desktop, hardware fail overs and capacity to run apps. All in all, it is a very comprehensive and worthwhile way to go.

A Look at VPS Reviews

A simple Google search will reveal many free Windows VPS solutions. But since they are free, you can expect compromises on service, reliability and security. There are many reviews that feature the best VPS companies. When searching for Windows VPS services, one has to consider the price, the VPS panel it will use, the amount of ram, the disk space and the amount of bandwidthfor file transfer. According to consumer Windows VPS reviews, GoDaddy, 1And1 Hosting, and Solar VPS are some of the leading companies in terms of VPS Windows solutions. Expect to pay around $20 to $40 USD per month for VPS hosting services. This will get you anywhere from 512GB to 1GB of ram and a disk space of up to 50GB. Having a lot of choices is a good thing. You should take your time and go through each of the features of a Windows VPS plan. Do not limit your decision to the price. Take a look at special features, installation procedures and technical support. Choosing a Windows VPS provider is like entering a relationship. You need to find someone you are compatible with and who you can see yourself working together in the long term.

Why Windows VPS?

There are many advantages to using Windows virtual server hosting. Here are some of the most important to consider:
  • Security is one of the top reasons for utilizing a Windows VPS solution. You do not have to worry about security software and you can guarantee your company and website users that your site is not compromised.
  • When a website has a lot of users, the traffic uses up bandwidth slowing down usage and possibly bringing the website to a halt. Having an unmetered Windows VPS is like finding a prize in a cereal box. Think unlimited amount of bandwidth that you can use. This means that if a website’s traffic data increases, you will not be charged extra for the bandwidth used.Unmetered windows VPS might come out a bit costly yet for websites that experience heavy traffic on a daily basis, unmetered VPS turns out to be cheaper in the long run.
Overall, finding the best Windows VPS for your website or small business is a good idea. With the right VPS hosting, you can have a website that is the same caliber as professional websites who have their own servers.

Unmetered and Managed

Talking about special features, the best VPS hosting companies offer special services that you can purchase at an additional cost. Remember not to let the cost turn you off right away. Study your numbers because the extra investment might be well worth it. As discussed earlier, unmetered VPS hosting plans have no limit on the amount of bandwidth you use monthly. This means that you can have as much traffic as possible without slowing down the website. It also makes applications and programs on your site run better. If unmetered isn’t for you, you can also invest in a managed plan where you still have full control of your website but your provider takes care of its back-end operations. This means that you can check-off system updates and focus on making the website better for your customers.