Hybrid Server

Hybrid Server

When it comes to virtualization in Cloud Computing, utilizing a hybrid server (a combination of a virtual private server and a dedicated server) is a sought after web hosting solution however it isn’t an option that Solar VPS offers. Why? Solar VPS only offers virtual private servers because unlike hybrid server solutions or dedicated server services, a virtual private server (VPS) gives the consumer the best resource allocation options mixed with the best price structure and flexibility.

Virtualisation and Cloud Computing

Don’t worry, we didn’t misspell it. When it comes to virtualisation and Cloud Computing (a slight nod to our UK friends) Solar VPS offers VPS services for the scalability of resources. With a VPS solution powered by Solar VPS consumers have the option of fully customizing their Windows VPS or Linux VPS. Unlike hybrid server hosting, our VPS web hosting allows clients to pick how much RAM, Bandwidth, Disk Space and CPU cores they want. Although we are working on prepackaged Cloud hosting services, our custom VPS resource allocation includes the following:
  • RAM – 2GB to 16GB
  • Disk Space – 20GB to 160GB
  • Bandwidth – 1TB to 8TB
  • CPU Cores – 1 Core to 4 Cores
We treat virtualized server solutions as an extension of your needs. We know your needs are not a one size fits all solution. Due to this, our virtualized server options are made for your custom hosting needs.

Virtual Server Scalability

Beyond custom resource allocation, web hosting and Cloud computing clients purchase virtual server hosting due to its ability to scale. Scalability – the ability of a solution to grow or shrink with your needs – is the main selling point of virtual server web hosting. Essentially Solar VPS offerings allow clients to grow their Cloud solutions as they need – when you grow, we grow. When you shrink, so do we. Unlike a hybrid client built on adaptive hybrid server architecture, a true VPS scales to fit your needs. This leads us to VPS and hybrid server price.

VPS and Hybrid Server Price

Scalability allows for growth or lessening of solutions. VPS are full of scalability. Hybrid servers, while offering a certain degree of scalability, aren’t as flexible in resource allocation and price. Here is the Solar VPS price structure

VPS Price Structure

The Solar VPS Linux Cloud begins at $17.50 per month. This unmanaged Cloud computing solution comes with:
  • 2GB of RAM, 20GB of Disk Space, 1 TB of Bandwidth and 1 CPU Core
Conversely, our fully managed, maxed out Linux Cloud begins at $173.00 per month. This fully managed Cloud solution comes with:
  • 16GB of RAM, 160GB of Disk Space, 8TB of Bandwidth and 4 CPU Cores
We are not one to mention competitor names, but for a hybrid server solution, you are looking at around $1,000 per month. Due to how a hybrid router and hybrid client operate, the combination of both a dedicated server with a VPS jacks up the monthly spend way beyond what most companies are willing to spend on web hosting. **Note: Solar VPS Windows web hosting adds $5 on top of our Linux costs.

Why Solar VPS? Why VPS over Hybrid?

The answer is simple. With VPS, with Solar VPS, you get simple, powerful and reliable Cloud server hosting. From resource allocation, to pricing, to dependability and stealer managed tech support, VPS are you key to web hosting.