Solar VPS Virtualization Technology

Solar VPS virtualization technology is all about Windows Cloud VPS Hosting and Linux Cloud VPS Hosting. With our internally developed virtualization software VPS management suite, the SolarSystem, we provide customers with an easy-to-use, well rounded Cloud hosting platform to manage all their web hosting needs. With one-click install Cloud apps, SolarRay Website Uptime monitoring, r1 data backups and your choice of virtual server software control panels – cPanel and & Plesk – Solar VPS offers the best virtualization solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Windows and Linux VPS Hosting

When it comes to cloud computing, everyone is looking for a solution which will decrease their monthly IT spend while increasing the productivity of their work place. Solar VPS virtualized server hosting services accomplish that goal. But what does our server virtualization packages include? Here is a small taste:

Windows VPS Hosting

Our Windows VPS packages begin at $29.50 per month. With your choice in Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 (both 64 bit) for OS’s and 2GB of memory, 40GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth and 1 CPU core, our basic Windows VPS pod fulfills the web hosting needs of clients looking to start their web presence. However if you need more resources from your Cloud provider, Solar VPS Windows pods have you covered. Our Windows VPS packages run the gamut from:
  • Memory – 2GB to 16GB
  • Disk Space – 20GB to 160GB
  • Bandwidth – 1TB to 8TB
  • CPU Cores – 1 Core to 4 Cores
Naturally, the higher resource allotment you utilize for your Windows virtualized server, the higher monthly spend is associated with it. Moreover, adding SolarSystem Mission Control (Managed Support), extra IP addresses and Plesk control panel will make for a higher monthly spend. Price structure for Solar VPS Windows solutions begin at $29.95, growing in price to suit your needs.

Linux VPS Hosting

The virtualization benefits of our Linux VPS Cloud servers can be summed up in a single sentence, “Simple, Powerful and Reliable Cloud Servers.” Like our fully customizable Windows VPS solutions, our Linux Cloud services offer full resource customization, a myriad of service oriented add-ons, the options of managed support with powerful cPanel virtualization software control panels and server virtualization powered by XEN technologies (not VPS OpenVZ or VMWare). Starting at $17.50 per month and rising depending upon need, Solar VPS Linux VPS Cloud solutions blow the Google Cloud out of the water.

The Cloud Powered by Solar VPS

The Cloud powered by Solar VPS brings you the best virtualization benefits on the market. From powerful Linux and Windows VPS options, to the SolarSystem – our internally developed intuitive Cloud VPS Management Platform, to stellar virtualization software add-ons and security features to excellent 24/7/365 tech support, our all of your virtualization Cloud computing needs stay and play in the Solar VPS universe. Learn more about Solar VPS virtualization basics by poking around our site. We know you won’t be disappointed.