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What Our Sickbay Support Offers You

Chances are you are used to feeling lost and needing guidance now and then as a business owner. Even the most experienced and advanced IT users will encounter new challenges and problems. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid encountering questions, challenges, and new confusion. However, there is a way to get the answers you require and the help you need: with a trusted IT infrastructure partner who has your back 24/7. 

That’s where we come in at Solar VPS. With our Sickbay technical support system, we offer clients the resources they need to be successful in all of their IT endeavors. We can help everyone from reseller hosts to website design teams to your average computer user. The best part is our Sickbay technical support is more than just a one-stop-shop for answers. At Solar VPS, you can truly learn the extent and reliability of our support system when you contact us to learn more about our plans and services.

How We Operate

At Solar VPS, we like to think of ourselves as offering clients a wide solar system of helpful tools, resources, insights, and support. We refer to these formally as our Solar VPS Solar System, which is your hub for all of your needs. Basically, our Solar System is a highly-rated control panel operated within a cloud-based system. With this system in place, you get fast connection speeds, security scans and check-ins, updates that always give you the latest resources, and so much more. One aspect that sets us apart from our competitors is our Sickbay technical support. 

Why Sickbay Technical Support Matters

Before we explore the various aspects of our Sickbay technical support, it’s important to consider why our support team is so important to our Solar VPS mission. We believe that clients should never be left in the dark alone when it comes to their IT infrastructure. After all, you are paying for a service and should fully understand how to use it effectively. Everyone needs guidance now and again, and we have made it our goal to provide the help our clients need, no matter what. Other companies might not care as long as they receive their paycheck – but Solar VPS is different, committed to the best customer service on the planet… or should we say, in the Solar System! 

Pay as Needed

While you might need some extra help now and again, we don’t want to charge you for support that you currently don’t use. Therefore, Sickbay technical support offers tickets as low as $10.00 instead of charging you upfront bundled into other hidden costs. While this might seem like the opposite of what you’d expect, it saves you money in the long run. Instead of paying a set amount for support, we let you choose when you need support and pay as needed. 

Sickbay Credit Packs

If all of that sounds like something you are interested in, then it gets even better. Save even more money on future troubleshooting needs by buying Sickbay credit packs. You can stock up on credits and save some extra Space Bucks by cashing them in as needed. This is always a good idea if you are new to working with a certain aspect of your IT infrastructure and anticipate numerous questions. However, anyone can go this route to save on time, money, and stress. 

Our Space Engineers Team

We like to call our technical support experts our Space Engineers because of how they help you compile, organize, operate, monitor, and manage your IT infrastructure. In essence, they are the true muscle behind what helps Solar VPS offer the best service around. We can walk you through most issues over the phone, via email, or even fix problems that originated from our end with just a quick phone call.

Contact Solar VPS about Sickbay Technical Support

Let’s get technical with the Solar VPS Sickbay Technical Support team. With our technical support systems in place, we have streamlined the process so you can always get the help you need when you need it most. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the unique aspects that set the Sickbay system apart from competitors. At Solar VPS, it is our mission to help you excel in your business and individual IT needs. You can always learn more about our services by visiting our website or giving us a call toll-free at (800) 799-1713. Alternatively, our social media platforms are a great way to connect and learn more. 

3 Add-ons You Might Want to Consider

Reliable add-ons from Solar VPS.
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

Working with a VPS system means you already have numerous tools at your fingertips to make your job easier. But there is always more you can do as a business owner or individual to advance your IT infrastructure. With Solar VPS, things become even easier with our numerous applications that you can add to your current VPS plan. Explore new add-ons that make running a business easier, make blogging effortless, and so much more. Whatever your current needs are with your VPS plan, you can bring it to the max with add-ons and applications from Solar VPS. Here are 3 add-ons you might want to consider today!

Disaster Recovery Backups

While none of us want to think about the worst-case scenario, sometimes it happens. As a result, it’s best to always be prepared with the disaster recovery backups add-on for any Solar VPS plan. If the worst happens, your data will be protected with us by your side.

The disaster recovery backup add-on allows you from 20GB to 200GB backup capacity and full server backups throughout multiple points of restoration. The newest backup will always replace the older content to ensure the most relevant data is secured. All backups will be stored for up to three days as needed. The new data will also backup in increments to avoid the risk of crashing and losing all the data at once. All data will be stored in a secured and reliable Solar VPS offsite data center facility. Trust us with what matters most for your business, and learn more about what our disaster recovery backups add-on can add to your operations.

Hosting Control Panels

Web hosting is growing in popularity every day. If you are new to the world of web hosting then you definitely should consider one of Solar VPS’ reliable and affordable hosting control panel solutions. With this at our disposal, you can host and manage multiple websites quickly with either a cPanel or Plesk control panel system. 

A hosting control panel means web hosting done right. You can easily manage multiple sites, run your DNS server names, configure notification thresholds, and even host your own mail server. Additionally, with Solar VPS’ hosting control panel in your repertoire, you can provide end-user login to customers, install a multi-tenant LAMP environment, and use plug-ins that provide easy software installations. Make it all happen in a flash today by investing in one of our hosting control panels. Plesk is available on either Windows or Linux, and cPanels are only available for Linux. 

Image by ar130405 from Pixabay 

Support for Mission Control at Solar VPS

Among the many VPS applications at your fingertips, the most important add-on to consider is a Mission Control Support network. In short, this is the best technical support insurance policy on the market. At Solar VPS, this is where we show you what it means to be trustworthy, friendly, available, and reliable. 

With our Mission Control Technical support program, we have you covered. We cover everything from control panel migrations to assistance with DNS issues and assistance with IP configurations. With 24/7 support 365 days a year, you can count on us to have your back for troubleshooting Plesk and cPanel, SSH Ports and security, along with Apache/PHP/SQL management and troubleshooting third-party apps. 

The Solar VPS Difference

What makes Solar VPS such a highly-rated IT infrastructure company? The Solar VPS difference, of course! The Solar VPS difference means we value every one of our clients and treat them like people, not just numbers in a business model. We truly want to help you succeed in all of your endeavors. Whether we are helping you set up your first web hosting platform or simply adding on to your existing plan with our reliable VPS applications, we concentrate on what matters most: helping you succeed. Don’t put up with companies that aren’t available to answer the important questions as they arise. Let Solar VPS change your IT life today!

Contact Solar VPS Today

If these add-ons would add value to your current IT plan, then Solar VPS is here waiting to help you make the most of your infrastructure. We can cover all your web hosting and other IT needs efficiently. Give us a call at (800)-799-1713 today to learn more about our services, plan options, and available VPS applications and add-ons. You can also check our social media platforms for more information. 

Importance of Technical Support for Your VPS Plan

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Reliable technical support is a must-have feature that should be offered by hosting providers. Comprehensive technical support entails both support by email and 24/7 support that promises to take care of urgent issues when they arise. When you have VPS technical support, it helps to build trust with the customer. An excellent support plan involves listening to customer issues and providing a timely response.

Issues That Are Tackled by A Support Team

Cloud and VPS hosts use technical support engineers to deliver highly customized server provisioning. Some of the ISP and Web hosting customers want their customer service tickets to be responded in 15 minutes or less. Some of the other complex infrastructure needs require specialized monitoring and response. An experienced technical support team can triage the issues and hand them over to the right engineering team for further analysis.

Customized Support

You could opt for a shared support model or dedicated support. You can have dedicated support, where the experts are assigned to your company and they work exclusively for you. In shared support, you share engineers with other companies, but in the dedicated support model, you have exclusive access to a team of experts. A dedicated support model allows you to set your own rules.

Solar VPS Technical Support

 Solar VPS technical support is the ultimate technical support insurance policy for you. Our Mission Control add-on enables you to have a practical experience for Windows Cloud VPS, Linux Cloud VPS and Cloud Apps on demand. We offer it as an add-on when you purchase our cPanel or Plesk Control Panels. You will also get a different range of technical support assistance when you buy the Mission Control add-on. We take pride in a quality 24/7/365 tech support via our Mission Control add-on which covers control panel migrations, MySQL, Apache and PHP Management. We can also help you with troubleshooting Plesk and/or cPanel. In addition, our trained technical support staff can assist with your DNS issues, IP configurations, and SSH ports and security concerns. Solar VPS serves more than 10,000 clients and their domains, and we have the experience to satisfy all your needs. We have thought of everything from a powerful control panel to comprehensive technical support tools. Our trained staff provides world-class tech support to our clients and ensures satisfaction. We also ensure that with our plan you pay for what you need and, therefore, you save on your operating expenses. If you are looking for a VPS solution with excellent technical support, you don’t need to look beyond Solar VPS.

VPS Tech Support: Reporting from Mission Control

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Reliable 24/7 VPS tech support is a must-have feature offered by web hosting providers. Tech support is an essential offering to deal with various aspects of hosting and ensure a highly available network. Moreover, it is a great way to build trust and provide excellent customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Support

It is not enough to simply provide technical support by email. Instead, a competent 24/7 support that takes care of urgent issues helps in building trust with the customer. Clients are not looking for limited VPS tech support, but rather all-encompassing support. Excellent support involves listening to customer issues and providing a timely and actionable response.

Solar VPS Tech Support

 Solar VPS tech support is the ultimate technical support insurance policy for you. Our Mission Control add-on enables you to have a no-fuss experience for Windows Cloud VPS, Linux Cloud VPS, and Cloud Apps on demand. It is offered as an add-on when you purchase our cPanel or Plesk Control Panels. You will get a wide range of technical support assistance when you purchase the Mission Control add-on. We pride ourselves on quality 24/7 VPS tech support via our Mission Control add-on. It covers control panel migrations, MySQL, Apache, and PHP Management. We also help with troubleshooting Plesk and/or cPanel. In addition, our trained tech support staff assists with DNS issues, IP configurations, and SSH ports and security concerns.

Excellent Support Tools

You get a set of excellent tools with the Mission Control add-on. For instance, you will be equipped with CSF firewall installation/support and on-demand Breakfix support for all software included with cPanel/WHM. In addition, you get on-demand security checks and installation of chrootkit and rkhunter. If you are looking for free migration from your previous provider for cPanel to cPanel or Same OS Plesk to Plesk, it will be included with the Mission Control add-on as well.

Third-Party Support

Many providers will tell you that they can’t offer help when it comes to third-party software. However, at Solar VPS, we understand that customers use a number of third-party software applications and may run into integration issues. As part of our comprehensive tech support plan, we will troubleshoot third-party apps to the best of our ability. Solar VPS serves more than 10,000 clients and their domains. Our trained staff provides world-class tech support to our clients to ensure their satisfaction. If you are looking for VPS tech support, then come and check out our options.

Need Help from the Sickbay?

Even the most advanced space-age technology needs a tune-up every now and then, and sometimes the captain needs some extra help. But why should you have to pay for technical help during times when you don’t need it? Our clients wondered the same thing, and we agree with them. That’s why we came up with the Sickbay, our solution to the classic VPS tech support model. At Solar VPS, we like to take all of our services to the next level so that our clients get only the best. Below, you’ll find some of our clients’ favorite advantages of the Sickbay.  

We Care as Much as You Do

When you run a business, you need absolute efficiency. Technical difficulties don’t exactly fit into that plan. At Solar VPS, we understand why you value rocket speed, so we want to answer all of your VPS tech support questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We’ll help you get the job done because we care about your company.  

Only Pay for What You Need

With the Sickbay system, you only have to pay for the services that you use. If you never need VPS tech support, you’ll never have to pay for it. By charging $10 per ticket for our Sickbay service, we can keep the rest of our services at the most competitive prices. You can also save even more money by buying your Sickbay tickets in packs.  

Total Dedication and Availability

Our Sickbay ticket system means that we get to spend less time anticipating rogue requests. What does this mean for you? It means that you have our total focus during your visit to the Sickbay. While we do want to solve your VPS tech support issues quickly, we never rush on the job. Sickbay tickets allow us to see exactly who needs our services, and we can spend our time focusing solely on those people. So go ahead and ask us whatever questions you may have. After all, you have our undivided attention.  

VPS Tech Support

Looking for VPS tech support? Then come join us in the Solar system! Solar VPS comes with all the tools you need to rule the galaxy. With high speeds, total convenience, and your choice of different cloud options, we’ll help you find the VPS experience that will work perfectly for your business. If you’re ready to get started, check out our options. Plans start at just $5 a month.