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Hacking Prevention: How a VPS Can Reduce Hacking Risks

Hacking prevention is a very important element of smooth business operations.
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Nobody wants to put their business’ sensitive information and data at risk, but hacking scams are a real threat. While there will always be a possibility of hacking, phishing, forced entry, and brute force attack scams, business owners can do many things to protect themselves from these risks. Having strong passwords and antivirus software is an excellent starting point, but sometimes, these precautions alone are not enough to stop the bad guys. At Solar VPS, we want to help your business excel at security. All of our VPS plans are protected and secured to ensure you can efficiently and safely proceed in all your business matters.

What is a VPS?

When your business is accessing its hosting needs, the first thing to consider is a virtual personal server versus a cloud-based public server. A VPS is a virtual operating system that rests within a more extensive parent server system. Since it is not cloud-based, it is automatically more secure, as only designated users can access it. One way to imagine a VPS server working is as an emulation of a physical server. In other words, it can mimic other servers within one shared server. For their ease of use and secure connections, VPS control panels have become one of the most popular choices for servers. 

VPS Hacking Prevention

At Solar VPS, we want to help you protect all your business’s personal information. Not only do our VPS plans come equipped with standard top-of-the-line antivirus software, but we also implement regular security scans. In addition to these procedures, Solar VPS is here 24/7 to answer any of your questions related to security and smooth business operations. Let us help you succeed safely. 

What You Can Do For Hacking Prevention

In addition to Solar VPS’s numerous steps to ensure a safe connection, there are many things you as a user can do to reduce the risk of hacking. Hacking prevention happens on many levels, so it’s best when all elements work together to create a tightly woven, safe connection. Some of the most powerful steps of hacking prevention start with you as a business owner and a firm understanding of your Solar VPS connection. 

Keep Software Up-to-Date

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of hacking is to keep your software up-to-date. Solar VPS makes this easy with regular software updates to all of our plans. Outdated software is an easy target to infiltrate by all sorts of hacking and phishing scams. Schedule regular updates so you don’t have to worry about remembering to update your software. 

Monitor Your VPS Logins

Another critical step in security is monitoring your logins. By monitoring your logins, you can see everyone who has accessed your VPS within any given time. This also makes it easier to determine whether someone hacked into your system after the fact, although the point is to avoid this in the first place. Solar VPS makes it easy for you to track and monitor all of your VPS login activity so you can report any suspicious logins immediately. 

Control User Access

This idea goes well with the concept of monitoring your logins. This means you should only give people access to the files and applications that they need to perform their job duties. It also means making sure to properly remove people and change passwords after someone leaves your company. This is important, since upset employees who may have been let go could potentially leak sensitive data if not appropriately removed from these systems. 

Stop Brute Force Attacks

Hackers know the ins and outs of the computer world. This means they know how to detect weaknesses and when to use these against your company. Weak passwords are one way that hackers can gain access to your VPS account information. At Solar VPS, we also have included software that helps warn users about these brute force attacks. It can stop the attacks and warn you of suspicious activity to help keep your sensitive data protected. 

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Protect Against Malware

You should also invest in malware protection. Luckily for you, this comes standard with all of our Solar VPS plans. Malware protection ensures that no hacking attempts are being made through files already in circulation or installed on your computer. It serves as a warning signal for any suspicious activity. 

Perform Regular Backups

Another critical step is to regularly back up your information as a precaution should anyone hack your account. This will ensure that you still have all of your personal information and data necessary for business purposes. It will also make it easier to add additional antivirus software to protect against hackers while still performing daily operations. 

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Solar VPS is here for all of your web hosting needs and business needs. We understand that you need fast, reliable, and secure connections to efficiently carry out your business operations. Security is a priority for all that we do at Solar VPS; you can rest assured knowing we have your back. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information.

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Work from the Beach with the Cloud

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