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The Importance of Reliable Data Centers

Data and data centers are an integral aspect of both personal and company operations. When it comes to properly store, protecting, securing, and recovering data sets; the right data center functions and systems need to be implemented by your IT provider. For 24/7 data security, a trusted and reliable data center is crucial. Data is at the center of how you operate your business, help clients fulfill their needs, sell your product, offer your services and even store vital everyday information. None of this is possible if your data isn’t securely located in a data center where it can be accessed as needed. Furthermore, all the components which make a data center reliable can be difficult to find in a local IT provider unless you reach out to Solar VPS which is known for our amazingly robust data centers. 

Welcome to Solar VPS! Solar VPS can help you with all of your data needs. We bring you the most reliable and robust data centers with backup and recovery systems in place. We leave nothing to chance because we understand how important it is for IT users of all types to know their information is stored in a reliable data center. Plus, our data backup and recovery protection ensure you pay an affordable price to protect your data 24/7. With the risk of cyber threats or crashes alleviated, we give you the peace of mind you need to focus on more important matters than fretting over data security. 

When you invest in Solar VPS data centers and backup systems, you simply get better protection all around. Learn more by visiting our website or reaching out to our customer service representatives today. Here is your crash course on the importance of reliable data centers for all IT users.  

Introduction to Data and Data Collection.

Before we learn about why data centers are so important, let’s get down to the basics. What is data and how does data collection operate? 

Data is the word IT professionals use to refer to any information which is analyzed, stored, and can be accessed in the future. Data is collected into categories or sets which might include numerical inputs, values, quantitative or qualitative variables on people, facts, or information regarding a place of business. Anything which is vital information that needs to be stored is part of a data set. As data is collected it can be formatted into lists, charts, graphs, tables, or paragraph form. 

Since data is likely to be referred to in the future; data storage is very important. Reliable data centers are where data is stored for future reference in an organized and secure manner. 

Data Centers 

Data centers are secure facilities where data is stored in a dedicated space. Data centers are physical building locations that can be quite small or large, multi-duplex locations where big databases are collected. In data centers, you will find secure computer operating systems which help to lock down information for users where they can access it in the future. IT companies invest in trusted data centers for their clients to accurately store their information. Therefore, many important aspects go into maintaining a secure facility such as a reliable power source with a backup measure in place. 

Furthermore data backup, recovery, and accurate communication networks are integral to data centers. Finally, environmental control within a data center is important to maintain the right conditions for secure data management. When it comes to reliable data centers, we bring you all of these functions and more at Solar VPS guaranteed! 

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Reliable Power Sources

Data centers need a continual power source to securely store data. They also need a trusted backup measure in case of electrical outages such as an industrial generator that automatically kicks on. Asking questions from your IT provider about their power supply and backup measures is the best way to ensure you are choosing a company that is prepared for all scenarios.

Data Backup & Recovery Measures 

Perhaps one of the most important components to consider when investing in an IT company is its data backup and recovery measures. If a sudden crash were to occur, your data and backup recovery systems should be able to secure your data. Everything from sudden electrical failures to issues with malicious online activity can cause a data crash to happen. In that case, an automatic data backup system can backup your information in a secondary location to prevent the complete loss of vital data.

Then, when the situation has been remediated, data recovery systems can recover that information. Data recovery systems can help fill in the gaps of information that might otherwise have been destroyed, altered, stolen, or lost entirely during a data crash. With the latest software recovery systems, Solar VPS can help restore temporarily lost data within data centers from multiple locations. We work to recover data lost through faulty network connections on your computer, storage devices, or directly within data centers. 

Communication Networks

Next, reliable communication networks help to accurately send, store, recover and analyze data when needed. You can’t store data in a data center without trusted communication networks that allow you to send data for safekeeping. If you store large data sets on personal devices long-term you are at a higher risk of losing more vital information. In essence, data is useless if it’s not properly stored securely for future references. Therefore, understanding and trusting your data center’s communication networks to move data from its original location to safe storage is integral.

Environmental Controls

Finally, environmental control functions within data centers help protect data from fluctuating conditions. Controls include secret software systems, fire suppression technology, air conditioning, and alarm systems. In an instant, your data could be lost if these conditions were not in place and closely monitored by data center management. For instance, if a fire were to occur, your data could be permanently lost or damaged without automatic fire suppression systems. 

Furthermore, air conditioning systems keep your data centers operating at optimal temperature settings for the safe storage of data. Security systems prevent malicious hackers or scammers from accessing your sensitive information and alarm systems alert management of potential threats to break-ins. Each of these functions works together to make your data center a truly secure location for all your vital information 24/7. 

Contact Solar VPS

Solar VPS is here for all of your data storage needs both big and small. When it comes to all the necessary features and functions for reliable data centers, we have your back for an affordable cost. Standard with every IT plan we provide, you get all the benefits of our trusted data centers with a clear communication network, security protocols, data backup and recovery, and environmental control factors. Give us a call toll-free at (800) 799-1713 to get started with our data centers today!

New SolarSystem Features

Here at Solar VPS we have been hard at work improving the SolarSystem. From our product offerings to how we present them to you, we have been actively working for the past few months to improve your our overall customer Cloud hosting experience. On that note, we want to announce the release of three different additions to the SolarSystem: An improvement to SolarSystem Backup Solutions, a more fluid and streamlined order process for Plesk Control Panel and our brand new SolarSystem Knowledgebase (SolarSystem Information Dock).

SolarSystem R1 Soft Data Backup Solutions

R1 Soft Data Backup Solutions

R1 Soft Data Backup Solutions

For every web hosting consumer, regardless if you’re a professional blogger or a mid-level ecommerce firm selling high quality diamond products, the data you advertise to your consumers is highly important to you. From your public facing data, to the applications your virtual private server (VPS) is running, SolarSystem R1 Soft Data protection means your data will never go lost again. SolarSystem Data Backup Includes:

  1. 10 Day Data Backup Solutions

  2. Restore any of your data from the last 10 backups, provided you have the available quota, i.e. sufficient space

  3. Bit-by-bit data backup. Instead of continually backing up 10GB of data, SolarSystem Data Protection solutions incrementally backs up new files which were added after your most recent data backup

  4. SolarSystem Data Protection can be purchased with a new Cloud VPS or added on after purchase via our store