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Windows Cloud Fundamentals to Make Your Life Easier

Chances are you’ve heard a lot of talk about Windows Cloud, but you may not be familiar with all its unique functions. Don’t worry – you have come to the perfect place to learn in-depth about Windows Cloud fundamentals that will make your life easier. The cloud is one of the most reliable and limitless ways for users to connect via reliable servers. With any cloud-based system, you can connect with others from virtually anywhere as long as you have a reliable managed server system.

As businesses and enterprises alike rely more and more on Windows Cloud and other cloud-based systems for their operations, IT providers are offering the most affordable plans on the market for these services. Solar VPS can help your business succeed with Windows Cloud-friendly plans for all your needs today!

Read on to learn what you need to know about Windows Cloud and how to get started with your new systems quickly. Contact us or visit our website at Solar VPS for even more insights into Windows Cloud. 

What is the Cloud?

Before we learn about Windows Cloud, let’s make sure we understand what the cloud can offer users in general. “The cloud” is a term that refers broadly to any non-physical server system. Cloud systems can be accessed globally from anywhere, hence the nickname “cloud systems” for their persistent connections. 

Another way to think about cloud-based systems is as a copycat of regular, managed, and dedicated physical servers. Cloud systems mimic regular servers without having to be established in actual physical servers. 

There are different cloud options. Solar VPS offers both Linux and Windows Cloud for an affordable cost. You can compare these two options easily by visiting our website or speaking with a customer service representative today to find out which is the best investment for your company. 

Overview of Cloud Features 

Many elements work together to create reliable services in Windows Cloud. Software databases work together in a network system to provide service to users. Data centers are also important. They are where the information is stored, because virtual servers still rely on physical databases to store information securely.

When you invest in Windows Cloud with Solar VPS, you will quickly learn about how all cloud features work together with a reliable connection. We optimize your connection, security, quality, and performance because we truly care about your success. Solar VPS Windows Cloud plans come with standard functions and additional add-ons to give you even more ease every day. 

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Overview of Windows Cloud Services at Solar VPS

Windows Cloud with Solar VPS gives you all the fundamentals you need for success with plans as low as $30. We can work with business owners of all backgrounds and company sizes. Plus, our services are user-friendly for everyday individual IT users who need reliable functions from the convenience of their home. Our easy-to-use interfaces make our Windows Cloud plans simple to navigate and learn. 

We will now look at some of the fundamental uses of Windows Cloud you can utilize with Solar VPS. These applications include Gam, SQL Server Hosting, Forex Trading, Remote Desktop/VDI, and Windows Development. However, there are even more limitless ways you can use your Windows Cloud plan. 

Windows Development

Using Windows Cloud for Windows Development is probably one of the most common applications. Windows Development allows you to download, install, and maintain various Windows applications that might be useful to your business. For instance, you can add Office tools and resources right on the computer system using your Windows Cloud systems. These can be accessed by users with the right credentials, including staff of all rankings, as needed. That makes it even easier to quickly and conveniently develop and share important insights throughout your workplace. 

Server Hosting

Server hosting allows you to use your systems and host them for other users. While this has grown in popularity in the past few years, many people still are not aware of how easy and lucrative it can be. Anybody who has the right resources can learn more about server hosting with the help of their IT provider. Solar VPS has the knowledge and tools to help you get started today with server hosting if you are interested in learning more. 

Forex Trading

Forex trading, in a nutshell, is the exchange of one currency for another used for trading purposes. You can think of it as online money changes with a purpose. While we won’t get into all the details of Forex Trading in today’s post, if you are interested in Forex Trading, Windows Cloud is the perfect platform to get started. 

Contact Solar VPS for Windows Cloud Systems Today

Solar VPS is here and ready to help you dive deeper into affordable and secure Windows Cloud services. With low price points, we have a plan and configuration for everyone’s needs. Whether you are a business owner or an individual who is interested in Windows Cloud, we can give you the fundamentals for success. Learn even more about our services by visiting our website today. You can also stop by our social media sites or give us a call toll-free at (800) 799-1713 to begin your cloud plan now.

Solar VPS Can Help You With Data Center Functions

Data is at the forefront of your personal and business IT operations every single day. That means it’s important to have the right systems in place to store, recover, and secure your data 24/7. Since your data is what helps you operate your business, help customers, sell products or services, or even store information received in important emails, your data centers need to also be reliable. Without the reliability of a trusted data center, how would you be able to accomplish anything? Plus, poor data recovery and backup protocol could put your information at risk of malicious activity or unforeseen crisis. Therefore, finding the best data center, systems, recovery protocols, and backup software should be your top priority when it comes to what matters. 

Solar VPS can help you with all of your data needs. We not only have reliable and robust data recovery and backup systems; we also provide our clients with the strongest data centers around. With us by your side, nothing is left to chance. You get the best protection on the market for an affordable price and unique features that make your job easier all around.

Invest in Solar VPS data centers and backup systems today for 24/7 reliability and protection. You can learn more by visiting our website anytime to get started. Here is more information on how Solar VPS can help your data center functions excel.

What is Data?

First and foremost, what is data? When we refer to “data,” we are simply referring to any type of information that can be analyzed and stored. Data sets might include facts, statistics, numerical inputs, and values or quantitative or qualitative variables on people, a place of business, or anything else. Data can be formatted in different manners including charts, graphs, tables, or paragraph forms. 

In one sense of the word, “data” is used loosely to mean any type of information but in reality, data is usually something that is going to be analyzed or referenced in the future. That’s why it can be so important to secure data in a data center. 

Data Centers and Their Functions

Now, we turn to where data is stored. Data is secured in buildings, known as data centers, where special space is dedicated to storing information. A data center can be a smaller building or a multi-building complex for larger data storage capabilities. Data centers house computer systems and IT components that help lock down information for users to access and analyze as needed in the future. 

There are many functions associated with a trusted and reliable data center. Data centers need a reliable power supply to operate optimally, as well as backup protocols, recovery systems, environment control, and accurate communication networks. These are all elements that Solar VPS can help you achieve with our durable data center systems today!

Reliable Power Supply

Of course, a data center won’t be of any use if it’s not connected to a continual and accurate power supply. In the case of electricity crashes, generators should be in place to kick in and secure data. However, many IT companies fail to disclose to their clients that their power supply has had issues in the past. Therefore, it’s never wise to invest in a data center that does not have a trusted power supply in place. 

Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay 

Data Backups

If sudden crashes occur, data could be lost forever. Sudden crashes can happen when there’s a faulty connection, extreme weather, or even because of attempted hacks. Malicious activity can be stopped with the right security systems, but that doesn’t always mean your data is safe for good. Without reliable data backups, information is never safe. At Solar VPS, we provide every client with automatic data backup and recovery protocols that secure information 24/7. If something happens, your data is saved in another location to be recovered later as needed. That’s just another aspect of what makes our data centers stand out in the IT market. 

Data Recovery Systems

In tandem with data backups are reliable data recovery systems from Solar VPS. Data recovery systems help you fill in the gaps of lost data after a crash. These systems can restore data that was temporarily inaccessible using reliable software, utilities, and services. In fact, data can be temporarily lost in multiple locations including data centers, your computers, storage devices such as thumb drives, or through the web network connection. As a result, a fast-acting data recovery team from Solar VPS can get to work and keep your information from being lost forever. 

Communication Networks

The networks that fuel your connections to send, analyze, and store data are important. Without communication networks you can trust, you would never be able to send information to data centers for safekeeping. This means all your data would be stored on your personal or business devices, putting it at risk long-term. 

Think of it as writing an important letter to a loved one but not being able to send the letter. In the end, the letter becomes pointless if it can’t be used for its intended purpose – conveying a message. In the case of data storage, it’s the same concept. Data is useless if it can’t be properly stored and accessed as needed. Reliable communication networks are what allow the accurate transfer of data between its original location and a secure data center for storage. 

Environmental Controls

Finally, data center functions like security devices, fire suppression, and air conditioning fall under the broad category of environmental controls. These controls are one of the most important elements of a trusted data center. Without these functions, your data could easily be destroyed in an instant. If a fire were to occur, for instance, your data would be damaged or lost forever without the added support of fire suppression systems. Similarly, air conditioners keep data storage areas at the right temperature for optimal storage. Of course, security devices are critical. They help keep a watchful eye 24/7 against in-person or virtual malicious activity. They can also warn users whose data is stored in certain areas of potential hazards before they become a problem. 

Contact Solar VPS for Data Center Functions You Can Trust 

Solar VPS is here for all of your data storage needs. We give you the most robust and comprehensive data centers. With the best communication networks, security protocols, data backup, recovery operations, and environmental elements, we have it all. Give us a call toll-free (800) 799-1713 to get started with our data centers today!

How to Prepare for a New IT Year

A New Year means new IT systems and new adventures await! For business owners and individuals of all kinds, there are many groundbreaking technologies to look forward to in 2022. Solar VPS has you covered when it comes to a new year full of robust, reliable, and fast options for all your IT needs. No matter what you hope to achieve as the calendar turns a new page, we can help you find the right systems, software, and servers. Today you can learn what you need to know about new IT insights to kick off 2022 strong. 

What Services Do You Want This Year?

For a successful IT year, it’s a good idea to brainstorm with a fresh slate. Ask yourself what services you will require this year. If you work at a business or with a team that uses the same IT systems, set up a time to meet together. Discussing your needs every year is a great way to find new IT insights for your operations, streamline processes, and even save yourself some money. You might not realize what needs to be changed until it comes time to sit down and make those changes for good. Plus, reviewing your current IT policies might reveal that you are paying for features you just don’t use anymore. What better way to kick off the new year than by saving yourself money and upgrading to a better operating system? 

VPS Plans for 2022

VPS plans are nothing new, but they might be new to you this year. A VPS stands for virtual private server and is an operating system nestled within a larger parent server system. They work by establishing a host environment via other electronic devices and imitating physical servers. However, they are not based on a physical server, which makes them a popular choice due to their convenience and accessibility.

New IT insights for Managing Data This Year

When it comes to big data and data management this year, you can start things off strong with these IT insights. Data should always have a secure backup system in place. This protects against sudden crashes or malicious hacking attempts that aim to steal or alter your personal information. Furthermore, strong and secure databases are a major aspect of trusted data management. Additionally, data recovery systems are an integral aspect of big data management this year. With our high recovery rates, Solar VPS can help you keep your data secure and backed up all year long. 

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Application Hosting with Your Cloud Systems

One popular use for our VPS systems is cloud-based application hosting. If you have not already explored this lucrative outlet, then 2022 might be your year to apply your new IT insights. Cloud-based hosting allows you to employ over 260 applications from Solar VPS such as WordPress, Drupal, and other popular platform options. We even make it simple to update and install these applications with fast connection speeds and downloads. 

Create a Stunning Website

The new year could also mean taking the time to design a stunning new website for your business or personal use. Solar VPS can help with simple and beautiful website design processes. We make it possible to create and sell websites to others for a lucrative profit. In 2022, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to unique, eye-catching, and informative website design. At Solar VPS, we excel at helping businesses create a functional website for their customers to interact with. 

SolarSystem Management Portals from Solar VPS

Another new insight for 2022 is Solar VPS’s SolarSystem management portals. With these handy portals, we give you the quick and simple ability to manage all your systems in one convenient package. Now you can start up, stop, and reboot your cloud application pods in one spot! Plus, changing your password when you need to is even simpler than having to contact a specialist. Finally, our management platforms make it simple to view bandwidth and upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. What better way to round out the year or jump into the next with these low-stress features? They include easy app installation, customization and configuration, and installing domain names in a flash.

Contact Solar VPS Today

Solar VPS wants to make 2022 your best year yet with new IT insights for success. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we treat each customer’s needs uniquely. Meet with us today to get started, learn more, and ensure your IT operations are here for all your web hosting needs. We understand that you need a fast, reliable, and secure VPS plan to ensure the smooth operations of your business. At Solar VPS, our plans are adaptable and flexible to enable our clients to affordably pay for what their needs are. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information. 

4 Web Hosting Tips You May Not Know

So you’ve decided to begin your web hosting platform? Great! But chances are there are a lot of aspects of web hosting you don’t yet know about. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stay in the loop, expand your knowledge, and find new ways to strengthen your hosting platform. As web hosting becomes increasingly popular, it’s critical to carve out your niche in the industry. Setting yourself apart from your competition by using the latest tricks of the trade can help you be more successful in the long run. 

Solar VPS is here to help you with all of your reseller hosting, web hosting, and other IT needs. We believe in the highest quality of customer service, honesty, and integrity with every service we provide. Our motivation is to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike to receive the computer-based software, hardware, servers, and databases they need to complete their tasks ahead of schedule. Learn more about what Solar VPS has to offer by orbiting our solar system today! 

Here are four web hosting tips you may not know that are guaranteed to help you succeed.

Tip #1: Know Your Parameters

The first bit of advice any IT provider can give you is to know your parameters. Trying to start or grow a web hosting platform without knowing your limits is like trying to build a house without knowing the dimensions. It just won’t work long-term and will create more problems than solutions. However, it’s easy to get a firm grasp on your limits by taking the time to sit down with your team and brainstorm. If you are flying solo, then set aside some time to outline your goals, budget, time spent web hosting, and other critical aspects. You can also reach out to the IT experts at Solar VPS. We are happy to meet with you to help you set up a realistic and attainable web hosting plan. With our services, your determination, and the right software system, you can be web hosting successfully in no time at all.

Web service providers
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Tip #2: Choose the Right Partner

Choosing the right web hosting partner is also critical. Without the right team of IT experts backing up your systems, you could be at risk of sudden crashes, security threats, or slow connection speeds. Each of these aspects poses a unique problem for someone trying to launch their web hosting platform. 

When it comes time to choose your web hosting provider and IT system team, there are numerous aspects you should take into account. First and foremost, you want a provider that gives you good value for your money. However, it’s important to note that an affordable price doesn’t always equal the quality service of software systems. Therefore, it’s wise to do some initial research and price comparison, as well as ask several questions of potential companies before committing. 

At Solar VPS, we hope you find our customer service representatives knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to answer your questions. When you set up an inquiry with our team, you will learn everything you need to know about what makes us stand out from the competition. Plus, every plan we offer comes with standard features other IT providers charge extra for. With continual support, regular security scans, the latest technology, and helpful resources at your fingertips, you get more value for your money with Solar VPS.

Tip #3: Prioritize Data Security

Data is the backbone of the IT world, so data security should always be one of your biggest priorities. Data security ensures you don’t become the victim of malicious online hacking or cyberattacks. If your data is at risk, then so is the reputation of your entire web hosting platform.

Solar VPS offers anti-spam filters, data backups in case of hacks or attacks, and firewall protection. Plus, we alert you to any suspicious activity that might pose a threat to your account. 

Finally, we provide the latest insights into cyberattacks and security software to lock down what matters most. You get all of that and more with the best data security on the market. Plus, your data can be up and running with a 99.9% uptime guarantee from Solar VPS. 

Tip #4: Contact Solar VPS Today

Our final tip is to give Solar VPS a call for your consultation today. Whether you are an advanced web host or a complete newbie, we’ve got you covered with affordable web hosting plans. Plus, our sickbay support team can help you answer questions and troubleshoot 24/7 with our online ticket system. We understand that web hosting can be daunting without the right resources to get started successfully. That’s why we are here for all of your needs. If you want to learn more about our services, you can always visit our website or call us toll-free at (800) 799-1713.

Phishing Scams in Depth

Phishing scams can happen to anyone, including individuals, business owners of small or large corporations, or the employees at your place of work. Whoever you are, the threat of a cyber phishing attack is valid. Learning the basics of phishing scam safety and prevention can help save you heartache, financial damage, and protect your identity. Unfortunately, phishing scammers have become increasingly creative and targeted with sophisticated scams. Phishing scams are an easy way for crafty scammers to steal sensitive data through data leaks.

Learn what you can do to protect yourself, your business, and others with Solar VPS today. Read on to learn how phishing scams operate, what to watch out for, and how to prevent them from happening to you. Of course, continued cybersecurity protocols are the best way to keep all of your data safe. Solar VPS has even more resources for you to use on our website today. Plus, our state-of-the-art security software systems keep a watchful eye on your data 24/7. 

Introduction to Cybersecurity

First of all, let’s learn the basics of cybersecurity to give you an idea of how crafty scammers can be. There are many different types of security threats, one of which is phishing scams. A cyberthreat can happen without warning, but sometimes there are indicators of potential threats which can be avoided with due diligence. 

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems using reliable data centers, networks, servers, and security software. During a cyberattack, your attacker might be trying to steal, alter, destroy, or damage important personal, business, or financial information. Nobody is immune to cyberattacks, and phishing scams are some of the most common. The best overall way to protect against any form of attack is to be prepared with regular security scans and reliable software. At Solar VPS, we give you firewall protection, regular scans, alerts for suspicious activity, and data backup protocols.

What is a Phishing Scam?

Phishing scams can take on many different forms, which makes it hard to easily notice them. Every day scammers become more creative and precise in how they target companies and individuals through these scams. Many large companies practice phishing scam tests to help train their employees about the dangers. Even larger universities and public associations make it a habit to warn users about the dangers of phishing scams. 

For all the warnings and information shared on these scams, they continue to plague the IT world. One reason for this is probably because of how simple they can be for scammers to execute. Most phishing scams occur via email or text message. However, they can also occur through other messaging platforms and social media accounts. During a phishing scam, a hacker attempts to trick a user into sharing personal information. This might include banking details, Social Security information, or other personal documents. This can also occur with business data or customers’ information stored in a business database. Often the scammer is posing as another agency or person or sends a suspicious link that allows them to spy on users entering sensitive information. 

How to Recognize a Phishing Scam

It can sometimes be easy to recognize phishing scams, especially with the right training and perspective. However, hackers can be creative enough to make it difficult to know whether or not a link is trusted. If you are ever unsure, it’s always better to report the situation and err on the side of caution. 

However, these helpful tips can help you recognize a phishing scam before it becomes a problem. Since these messages are often disguised as another entity, it’s never a good idea to share personal information unless you were expecting to hear from the company. A quick phone call is all it takes to confirm. Furthermore, logos that look “off” could be a fake impression meant to fool you into thinking that they are a government agency. Report these situations to your web security provider for closer inspection. Lastly, if you notice unusual logins or activity on any of your devices, it could be a sign of a phishing scam. 

Phishing Scam Prevention

It’s always a good idea to do what you can ahead of time to prevent a scam. After the fact, it’s difficult to clean up the mess without a lot of hard work from your IT company and others. You might even have to change numerous passwords and call your bank and other government agencies to confirm your info. Therefore, prevention is the best source of action for protecting your sensitive data. 

Some general guidelines to follow include never opening emails from unknown sources. Always check with sources if what appears to be an important email comes through but you were not expecting it. Never enter personal data into email forms from these sources or click on links. Update your spam filters and report these emails as they occur. Lastly, always err on the side of caution and train your employees about the dangers of phishing scams. 

Security Software Can Help

Security software and a reliable IT provider also play a role in your overall IT safety. At Solar VPS, you get firewall protection, regular security scans, warnings about suspicious activity, and so much more. Our specialized security software helps keep an eye out for strange activity even when you are busy with other matters. We can help you with adding a multi-factor authentication system, which will automatically make your computer systems more secure against phishing and other scams. 

Contact Solar VPS 

Phishing scams are just one of many ways cunning scammers try to steal your information. With Solar VPS’s robust IT protection software and your diligent eye, you can keep your data locked away safely. Phishing scam safety is simple with Solar VPS so give us a call today to learn firsthand what we can do for you. We are available toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or on our social media platforms for more information.

Everything You Need to Know About Memory Usage

Memory tracking and usage with Solar VPS.
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

If you are a computer user of any kind, then it’s a good idea to understand your memory usage. However, understanding what systems memory uses and how to track your memory capacity is another story. Memory usage can be useful to track since it helps you assess overall storage capacity and functioning speeds on your devices. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner who relies on your computer-based systems for daily tasks, or an average citizen in need of reliability for work: memory usage plays an important and undervalued role in overall operations. And that’s where we come in. 

Solar VPS can help you learn everything you need to know about memory usage, storage capacity, and its limitations. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can take your call and help walk you through your personal system memory usage. We can help you track usage, document data in graphic files, and find ways to reduce the impact on your memory capacity. Learn more by visiting our website today to get started with the Solar VPS way of tracking your memory usage. 

What Is RAM?

Let’s start with the basics of RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory. In short, your computer’s RAM is its short-term memory. Just like people, computer-based intelligence systems can store information in both short-term memory and long-term systems. RAM is a hardware operating system that stores information as your computer is running. If your power is cut off or crashes suddenly, RAM can be lost since it’s considered a volatile memory. In contrast, a long-term data drive stores data without the risk of sudden loss due to lack of electrical connection. 

RAM is important because it collects and maintains short-term memory and data. Therefore, it can have a drastic impact on your daily operations and overall system performance. Sometimes a full RAM system can be the cause of slow loading speeds or overall poor performance. As a result, learning how to increase the efficiency of your RAM systems can help you increase your productivity. As you reboot your devices, RAM storage is cleared; however, overall storage capacity can still be an issue. As a result, tracking memory usage and learning how to optimize your space is critical to your success. 

Memory Usage and Types of RAM

There are many different types of RAM modules, each with unique properties. It’s not necessary to learn the nuances of each type of RAM system, but it is good to know that most RAM hardware falls into two overall categories: SIMM and DIMM. SIMM stands for Single In-line Memory Module, and DIMM stands for Dual In-line Memory Module. SIMMs are not commonly used today because they have to be installed in pairs, versus a DIMMs system, which can be installed faster. 

All this IT jargon can be useful for you to research if it’s helpful, but what’s most important is gauging your current memory usage. To begin tracking memory usage, you need to understand your current RAM capacity and latency periods. 

Aspects of RAM to Understand

The capacity of your RAM system is measured in megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes. Most users can rely on memory storage between 1 and 4GB; however, some businesses might require more. Frequency measures showcase how fast you can access stored information as needed. Latency showcases any delays between attempts to access information and the actual execution of the request. All of these elements combined give you an overview of your RAM hardware system’s speed and efficiency. 

Exploring Your RAM

You can view your RAM easily by viewing your computer priorities in your control panel. This pop-up should indicate your currency storage capacity. System specs can also be analyzed with a CPU. Solar VPS can help you analyze your memory usage in more depth with the sickbay support team.

If your system indicates your memory usage is high and RAM is almost full, you can use virtual memory storage to compensate temporarily. Compression of RAM data is another temporary solution. However, it’s best to get a higher RAM capacity to avoid slower speeds for the long term.

Memory usage to give you more value for your money.
Image by Robinraj Premchand from Pixabay

Memory Usage Resources with Solar VPS

There are many memory usage resources on the market. However, many of these options require purchases beyond your current provider and are not as effective as upgrading your plan to include higher RAM capacity. Plus, some companies corner you with continual RAM space issues – which are designed solely to get more money from you. At Solar VPS, understanding and managing memory usage is simple. Our team can help you access information regarding current memory usage and help create the right plan of action for your RAM space today! 

Contact Solar VPS today for Memory Usage Help

Memory usage can be confusing if you don’t know the basics. Once you get down to those basics, it all comes down to finding the right computer system and provider plan for your needs. It doesn’t matter who you are – we guarantee an affordable and reliable solution for your needs at Solar VPS. Now it’s easier than ever to get the memory usage tracking tools you need for success. Visit our website to learn even more or give us a call toll-free at (800) 799-1713. 

Servers of the Future with Solar VPS

Servers are an important component of every computer-based system. Without reliable servers, your entire IT infrastructure would fall apart. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or an individual who wants to launch a web hosting platform – servers matter! The fact is the reliability of your server systems can make or break your day. Therefore, high-speed servers are important for ensuring your personal or business success. Finding the right servers with affordable pricing and robust capabilities is critical. Our high-speed servers of the future at Solar VPS are just what you need for success. 

At Solar VPS, we provide our clients with trusted servers for their needs. You can choose from virtual private servers or managed dedicated servers systems with the best reliability on the market. Visit our website to find the perfect server for your needs.

Introduction to What Servers Do

Let’s begin with the basics of why servers matter and what a reliable server can do for you. A server is a combination of computer software and hardware elements that enables other devices to function properly. One way to think about a server is as an extensive computer program that enables other computer systems to operate smoothly.

Servers can provide the ability to share data, calculate and compute information, and even operate a business. The best feature of a robust and reliable server is it can supply multiple users with a trusted connection from one location. Servers can also be designed as virtual or managed dedicated servers. They can be adapted for specific functions such as print servers, web servers, game servers, database servers, file servers, and particular application servers. 

Now let’s examine the differences between high-speed virtual private servers and high-speed managed dedicated servers. 

Web service providers
Photo by Akela999 on pixabay

High-Speed Virtual Private Servers

Virtual private servers are a trusted option for IT users of all kinds. Every Solar VPS server comes with the best services, reliability, and trusted security protocols to protect your data. A virtual private server might be the right option for you. Virtual servers are operating systems that rest within a larger physical server offsite. The larger server is usually referred to as a parent server. They work by bouncing information off of host servers and allowing reliable connections to other electronic devices. These are popular choices because they can be accessed by anyone anywhere. Day or night, virtual servers can perform from the confines of your home or in public settings. 

High-Speed Managed Dedicated Servers

In contrast, high-speed managed dedicated servers are another great option. Solar VPS has managed dedicated servers you can count on. These systems are based on physical servers that use physical software and hardware to operate properly. Data from these systems are then stored in a local data center with full protection. Even though a managed dedicated server is not accessible from anywhere, it’s still a viable option for business owners and individuals alike.

Managed dedicated servers offer a greater sense of protection, security protocols, and support from your IT infrastructure provider. With a managed dedicated server, your connection is limited between you, other authorized users, and your service provider. Furthermore, a managed service means you can rest assured your IT company is checking daily operations, saving you time and money. Your Solar VPS representative can help you monitor, manage, and update your systems as needed

What is a Server of the Future with Solar VPS?

At Solar VPS, we believe we provide the most cutting-edge and reliable servers. We call these the servers of the future, and they enable you to get ahead of your game, take your business to the next level, and increase overall performance. Every server we offer you has the latest technology, high levels of security, and increased uptime. In fact, we have a 99.9% uptime guarantee with every server plan we offer. Overall, this helps you save money and time both upfront and in the long run. 

At Solar VPS, we also make sure you never risk losing personal, business, or sensitive financial information. Anti-viral software, firewall protection, regularly-scheduled security checks, and other basic security protocols can all be found with Solar VPS’s servers of the future. 

One last thing before you go: our servers also come with a very important feature – data backup protocols. Never lose critical data again. Investing in a supercharged high-speed server of the future ensures you can achieve business and individual success without servers backing your data up. Our data backup system will kick in to save your data fast in case of security attacks, sudden crashes, or glitches. We even have guaranteed high recovery rates to help you be prepared in worst-case scenarios. 

Contact Solar VPS for More Information on High-Speed Servers

Finding a reliable high-speed server of the future can truly make a significant difference in your daily life and business operations. However, finding the right options and making that choice can seem daunting at first. You now know all the essential features you should look for in a reliable server plan with Solar VPS.  Plus, Solar VPS can deliver all those features for an affordable price. Let us help your future grow with fast servers today by giving us a call toll-free at (800) 799-1713. You can also follow us on our social media platforms for more information.