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Instant VPS

When it comes to Cloud solutions and VPS deployment, tons of consumers are looking for one thing and one thing only – speed of deployment. For a good portion of the web hosting community, instant VPS (Virtual Private Server) deployment or near instant VPS deployment is a must. But here’s the thing, instant VPS deployment is but a myth – the stuff of web hosting legends and lore. The truth is, when it comes to instant VPS setup, most VPS solutions, due to their OS needs and the deployment/billing/provisioning abilities of your VPS provider, take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to deploy.

To understand why truly instant setup is the grey ghost of Cloud hosting, let’s first take a quick look at Windows Cloud VPS creation.


Solar VPS: SolarSystem New Template

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit)

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit)

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit)

We know. Linux is opensource and because it’s opensource, there are a lot of different choices in operating systems (OS’s). Well, because of that, we have decided to take a note from our customers who have been asking us for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit) and supply our universe with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit). The new Linux OS is currently live and available on our Linux VPS page.

To go along with the new OS template being open to new Linux Cloud VPS’s, the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit) Linux OS is also available for VPS reinstalls.


Solar VPS Announces New Linux and Windows Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) Price Structure


Contact: Brad Leibowitz
Tel: (973) 572-1070 ext. 605


New Pricing Makes Solar VPS The Most Cost-Effective Cloud Web Hosting Provider on the Market

Solar VPS Linux and Windows VIrtual Private Server (VPS) Cloud Hosting

Solar VPS Linux and Windows VIrtual Private Server (VPS) Cloud Hosting

Clifton, NJ – On November 19, Web Hosting provider Solar VPS released a new Linux and Windows Virtual Private Server pricing plan designed to be the most cost-effective Cloud VPS hosting solution available.

With the new structure in place, users will now pay $17.50 per month for a Linux VPS with 2GB of RAM, 20GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth and 1 CPU core. Windows Cloud VPS hosting starts at $22.50 monthly for the same resource allocation. Competing VPS providers, such as Linode, offer Linux VPS accounts from $19.95, but with fewer resources. 1&1 offers Windows VPS accounts from $29, but also with fewer resources than the new Solar VPS packages.


Web Hosting 101: The Best Web Hosting Solution For Your Business

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will be writing a weekly series title “Web Hosting 101.” The series will cover everything from tips on how to find the best web hosting company for your needs, to what technical specifications to look for when considering a web hosting provider, to the value of managed web hosting solutions and what to look for when researching wanted server add-ons. With this in mind, the first topic we’re going to cover is “a starter’s guide to web hosting.” Read on and find the article below the fold.


Solar VPS: The Solar System Windows and Linux Cloud VPS

Captain’s Log, Stardate 8.5.12:

Greetings and salutations from the communications deck of Solar VPS. After exploring wide ranging galaxies all across the Universe, we have managed to track down our Star Fleet Commander, Solar VPS COO Ross Brouse. After skirting through nebula’s and asteroid belts, our commander has something to say about a brand new Solar VPS product, The SolarSystem. In this conversation, Star Fleet Commander Brouse talks about the myriad of options users have with the Solar System:

  • Windows Cloud VPS
  • Linux Cloud VPS
  • OS Selection: Windows 2008, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu etc.
  • Truly customizable VPS by choosing the amount of RAM, disk storage, bandwidth and CPU’s users want.
  • Both Windows and Linux Cloud VPS have a variety of add-ons: SolarRay Monitoring: Softaculous, Plesk Control Panel, cPanel, dotDefender & GlogalSign SSL Certificates

Beyond these choices Star Commander Brouse hints at what users can expect from the SolarSystem in the future – images for popular scripts like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

So, sit back, relax and listen to the wonders of the Solar VPS SolarSystem.


VPSColo Launched!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. New baby in the house, brother got married, tradeshows and a lot of traveling and I’ve just been too busy to get back to my blogging. Kids are sick today and so I’m planted on the couch with my laptop and so I figured it would be a great time to update my blog.

We’ve been working on a lot of new projects over the past few months and my next few posts will talk about those projects. Today I want to talk about VPSColo. Back in 2007, Solar VPS began offering unmanaged Windows and Linux virtual private servers. Unmanaged servers were always a good business for us. They come at a lower price point and they require far less support from our tech team, since they are unmanaged. Last year we inherited the JVDS brand and we moved our unmanaged virtual server offerings over to this brand, which included both Windows and Linux. The initial obstacle was letting customers know that the SolarVPS web site no longer included our unmanaged offerings, however, the bigger obstacle soon became the price point for these unmanaged services.

We’ve always been a Parallels partner and a staunch supporter of the Parallels software and so using Virtuozzo for our unmanaged offerings was a no brainer. The problem soon became that our competitors were driving their costs down by using open-source alternatives such as Xen and OpenVZ. We’ve always set ourselves apart from most of these smaller players, simply because we have better support, a far better network infrastructure and better equipment. Unfortunately, at these low price points, people seem to stop caring about some or even all of these aspects of the experience. If you’re going to sell a cheap VPS for $5 per month, how much can you really do for the customer?

We had no intention of sacrificing the quality of our service as a tradeoff for a reduction in pricing. While we do not provide managed support for VPSColo and JVDS, we do offer the same high quality of hardware and network that we do for Solar VPS. In addition, we have a highly automated VPS billing and management platform that makes ordering, setup and management a breeze for our customers. We also have some exciting additions coming to our VPSColo and JVDS brands including Xen support for Windows and Linux and iPhone and Android applications to manage your support, billing and vps directly from your mobile phone!