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Securing Your Cloud Locally

LAN Security

LAN Security

Location. Location. Location. It’s true about real estate and it’s also true about Cloud Storage Security. Even if you’re already storing your data in the Cloud, you should back up that data by storing it locally. While the Cloud has the ability to store data remotely and securely, data security is dependent on two things: Your Cloud provider and your LAN (Local Area Network) security. Why? Because all the security in the world by your Cloud provider won’t change the fact that your local machine is open game.

Cloud security or virtualization security poses risks from not just the hosting provider, but also the consumer. Why? Because even though Solar VPS takes every precaution available to ensure optimal security, in spite of our best efforts, we can’t protect your personal computers from being hacked – that’s up to you. If you’re one of the people that falls for the, “YOU’RE THE 100TH VISITOR! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE IPAD!” then you can’t blame us when your server gets hacked from the inside. So, how do you accomplish true fail-safe Cloud Computing? – By utilizing the benefits of the Cloud while also storing your data locally.