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5 Lessons From the Cloud

Cloud Expo Silicon Valley

So, last week, as some of you might know, Solar VPS attended Cloud Expo 2013 in Silicon Valley. While we didn’t exhibit at the Cloud conference, our COO and President, Ross Brouse, gave a few speeches and we got pretty interactive on the social media networks all those crazy kids love. (Insert shout out here to @RobustCloud, @GESoftware, @SHI_INTL, @ThousandEyes & @AriaSystemsInc). Outside of giving speeches and getting really active on Twitter and Google +, we took the time to hear from other Cloud companies both within their keynote presentations and outside within spur of the moment meetings.

This said, we want to use this space to elucidate (yes, we are trying to expand our lexicon), on five insights we learned at the show and why those insights are either excellent or terrible. So, here we go.

1. Smaller Cloud Providers Need to Rise Up


Cloud Expo Blog: Acronym as a Service

Choose Your Own Device

We have the be dead honest for a minute. As a company, we attend a good amount of IT/Cloud based conferences. From Interop to Affiliate Summit to Cloud Expo, as a company we enjoy being part of the internal industry conference circuit. However, we have something we need to get off our chests. No matter what conference we go to, no matter what speech we take in and no matter who we chat with, there is always a new IT/Cloud acronym someone is throwing around. Remember when BYOD was a big thing? Forget about it, now it’s CYOD. This happens all the time. Regardless of where we go, someone always has a new IT acronym for another IT based solution which, according to them, is the next big thing.


Solar VPS Live From Cloud Expo

Quick post here. For the next few days, Solar VPS will be live tweeting and blogging from the floor of the 2013 Silicon Valley Cloud Expo. Although the show floor isn’t open yet, the Cloud Computing BootCamp is and we have to admit, Yonatan Hagos from GE Software just gave a brilliant presentation on machine to machine communication within Big Data and how that communication is impacting/changing the way we interact with the machines we create to assist us. Below is a photo of Mr. Hagos.

To follow the live action, swing over to the Solar VPS twitter feed. And at the end of each day, we will be posting an extensive gallery of images via the Solar VPS Google + page. Continue