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On the Growing Importance of Google Fiber

Google Fiber is Coming to Austin, TX

If you are like us, for the past few years you have been rabidly following the development, the implementation, the road blocks and the growing success of Google Fiber. With a growing presence in the Kansas City area and now a growing sphere in Austin, TX, Google Fiber is begining to branch out to various parts of the country supplying consumers with 1 gig connections that are putting pressure on other Internet/broadband providers locally and nationally. But the question remain, with the promise of 1 gig speeds, what is the true importance of Google Fiber? Is it the connectivity speed and what we can do with it or is it the impact 1 gig connections are having on regional broadband providers?

The Importance of a 1 Gig Connection

Google Fiber is branching to new communities bringing 1 gig broadband connectivity

Here is the thing, as noted by Gigaom writer, Stacey Higginbotham: “You may be wondering why you, in particular, need a gig. The answer is that today you don’t.” Continue