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Five Uses for Your New WordPress Blog

WordPress Install

On October 14, 2013, Solar VPS launched the SolarSystem 2.0. The new SolarSystem includes the public launch of SolarSystem 260 Cloud Apps on Demand. As the name suggests, SolarSystem 260 Cloud Apps on Demand is powerful and easy to use one click installer of over 260 of the most popular applications on the market today. Some of those applicatoins are Magento, osCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Phorum, SquirrelMail and yes, WordPress.

Of all the current blogging applications on the market, WordPress is easily the most popular. With it’s highly customizable backend, WordPress is the go to blogging platform for mommy bloggrs, online nutrition coaches, chefs who want to share their recipes with the world and sly online marketers who like nothing more than making money off their blog by creating SEO/theme relevant content. Due to that, in celebreation of the launch of SolarSystem Cloud Apps on Demand, we present you with five excellent uses for your Solar VPS hosting WordPress blog.

1. Corporate Website

For those among you who are up to the challenge of building your own corporate website, WordPress is the platform for you. With the ability to decide the look and feel of your WordPress blog through utilizing custom made themes, WordPress allows you to fully custom build your website with the look and feel you love. Beyond the simple themeing of WordPress install, WordPress allows you to Continue