Install Over 260 Cloud Apps in Seconds.

Install any of our 260+ Cloud Apps in seconds!
Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, osCommerce, Sugar CRM, phpBB, CodeIgniter, Piwik and more!

Stay in the Know with Our PUSH Notifications.

Chances are you own a Smartphone and that means you like to know when things are happening. The SolarSystem is equipped with mobile style PUSH notifications so you are alerted when things happen. Whether it be a new invoice, server reboot or support ticket reply, we keep you updated.

We Love Developers. Come Play with our API.

We’ve worked hard to build a developer friendly system and we are excited to give you SolarAPI, a RESTful API with access to your SolarSystem account. Manage Pods, Monitors, Domains, DNS, Support tickets, Contacts & Orders!

Pay for Support, Only When You Need It.

You spoke, we listened. Now you can buy support from our team of AMAZING SPACE ENGINEERS when you need it! Our newest support service called SICKBAY, starts at only $10.00 per ticket. Looking to save some SPACE BUCKS? No problem! You can stock up on SICKBAY credits by purchasing in packs!

We Have the Tools, to Rule the Galaxy.

High Availability DNS Management, Bandwidth Overage Tracking, Domain Registration, Upgrade/Downgrades, POD Console Access, Reboot & Reinstall, Database, FTP and Cron Management… The List Goes On. We have enough Cloud Control Panel featres to power a Starship!

Stop Paying for 3rd Party Service Monitoring.

We’ve created fully integrated, geo-redundant, highly confugurable service monitoring system called SolarRay, and we want to give it to you absolutely FREE! That’s right, every Cloud Pod comes with 5 FREE SolarRay monitors. TCP, UDP, ICMP and HTTP monitors and coming soon, SNMP monitors!

SolarSystem: List of Features

Feature Information
Pod Management
  • Start, Stop & Reboot your Cloud Apps Pod
  • Console Access, Change Password
  • View Bandwidth Usage Graphs
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Resources**
Cloud Apps Management
  • Install Multiple Apps
  • Install to IP Address or Domain Name
  • Integrate Cloud Apps Domains with SolarSystem DNS
  • Backup & Restore Individual Cloud Apps
  • Manage Install Domains, CRON & FTP Users
  • Manage Database Users
  • phpMyAdmin MySQL Database Management
DNS Management
  • High-Availability Multi-City DNS Cluster
  • Manage A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT, SRV Records
  • Simple and Advanced Mode Operation
  • Customize your own TTL Settings
SolarRay Monitoring
  • 5 Complimentary Monitors, 15 minute scan intervals
  • ICMP, TCP, UDP & HTTP Monitoring
  • Create Custom Port Monitors
  • Monitor from Multiple Geographical Locations
PUSH Notifications
  • PUSH notifications for all critical SolarSystem events
  • BILLING: New Invoice Generated, Invoice Paid, Invoice Overdue, New Credit Issued
  • POD: Pod Rebooted, Pod Shutdown, Backup Failed
  • SOLARRAY: Service Outage, Service Recovery
  • SUPPORT: New Ticket Reply