Meet Our Crew

The Solar VPS Management Team

The Captain

Jason Silverglate, Chairman and CEO

Silverglate entered the universe of Web hosting in 1997. A bona-fide self-starter and leader of men, he’s also an accomplished technologist. From humble beginnings, Silverglate has assembled a crew of almost 50; and from merely two servers, created a supernova engulfing thousands. He travels the universe lending his expertise at conferences and expos, speaking on such far-out topics as cloud computing and network infrastructure. He can often be found learning new technologies in his ready room.

The First Officer

Ross Brouse, President and COO

Mr. Brouse believes in a finely-tuned leadership principle: that discipline, positive reinforcement and creative problem-solving form the backbone of a successful crew. At the tender age of 15, he was already broadcasting an intergalactic public-access TV show, with an elite crew of cameramen, set designers and actors. A graduate of New York University, he launched a successful graphic design and development firm before founding Solar VPS in 2005.

The Commander

Lori Greaves Navalny, CFO

Navalny brings 30 years of accounting and management experience to our fleet. With degrees in both accounting and operations, she successfully leads her own accounting firm and payroll service and performing the duties of CFO, Controller, and Director of Human Resources, and catering to $20 million plus clients. Her mission: to boldly go where no CFO has gone before.

The Lieutenant

Brandon Hale, VP of Sales

Hale joined Solar VPS in 2010, having amassed more than a decade of orbital pro experience. He has held multiple executive positions for other interstellar crews. Throughout his career, Hale has developed comprehensive sales and partnership programs that have driven exceptional revenue growth and increased market share. He hails from the University of North Texas.

The Doctor

Wayne G. Egerer Jr., Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Egerer has been in hosting since he was 16. He has mastered the technology behind network operations with his ability to pick up and learn the latest advances at the speed of light. He attended Allentown Business School and subsequently worked as an engineer in several datacenters and hosting companies before joining Solar VPS.

We’re Looking for New Recruits!

Solar VPS is always looking for talented recruits to join our Crew. Visit our careers page for more information about career opportunities with Solar VPS. View Jobs