Cheap VPS Linux

Cheap VPS Linux

What makes Linux better than other operating systems? Does it have better menus and more intuitive customization options? Nope. Can you browse files faster and more efficient in this OS? With the exception of search options, browsing experience doesn’t really change that much with other PC operating systems. So what makes Linux great? In one word – freedom. With Linux there’s no licensing required if you want to install Linux to your PC. No product licensing fees why the idea of a cheap VPS Linux service is so attractive. But fair warning:. In the world of VPS services, the rule of “what you pay is what you get” is applied quite strictly. This means you can’t really be surprised if a cheap Linux VPS actually turns out to be quite bad for you. In this article we’ll discuss how to find a decent cheap Linux VPS for your business.

Google is Your Friend

It goes without saying but if you are in the market to find the cheapest Linux hosting provider, do your research. Do your research on Linux Virtual Server Hosting and do it below the fold. By this we mean when you conduct a Google search for “Cheap VPS Hosting Linux Providers” look at companies listed beyond the first result page. We can’t stress enough that just because a company shows in the first five result spots, it means their services are the best for your use. The truth of the matter is companies on the first Google result page have a great understanding of SEO practices. Thus, look below the fold and you might find some hidden gems.

Expand Your Search

So now you are looking below the fold. That’s great. Now you have to diversify your searches. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. all utilize complex algorithms to drum up the best search results. This means your results are based upon the words you use to search. Ex. If you do a Google search for “Linux VPS” you are going to get a different result than if you conduct a Google search for “Cheapest VPS” or “Linux OS.” To find the best Linux VPS solution for you or your small – medium sized business understand the terms you are using to search for your VPS will bring up different and differently targeted results.


So, now that we have covered best search practices, let’s take a quick look at your Linux VPS solution needs. When in the market for a virtual private server your concerns will be RAM, disk space, bandwidth, IP’s, CPU cores etc. When you are looking for a cheap Linux VPS option, although you are going to get all the aforementioned specifications, you aren’t going to get a lot for your money. Take VPSColo for example. For $5 per month you get an unmanaged virtualized server with 256MB of RAM, 10 GB of diskspace and 512 MB burst. The only problem is you have to purchase any IP you want and you have to buy cPanel. The plan is cheap but in all honesty, it’s not what you really want. As they say, you get what you pay for.

Are Cheap VPS Services Really What You Want?

As we just said, in get what you pay for. In this world where there are no free rides, your cheap Linux VPS option is going to provide you with more headaches than you want. At the end of the day when you sign on the dotted line, you want a virtual server that has enough RAM, disk space, bandwidth and CPU cores mixed with valuable add-ons, cPanel and maybe managed support, to get the job done. Essentially you want a VPS solution which will allow you to focus on your business and not your servers. With cheap VPS Linux, you will be hard pressed to find that peace of mind.