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Benefits of Linux Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting is a concept based on virtualization techniques, and it ditches the idea of physical servers. Unlike traditional shared servers, where there is a strong possibility of a single user hogging all the CPU speed of the server, cloud hosting provides each user with their share of dedicated CPU, RAM and security features. Linux cloud hosting solutions are also popular because people feel ownership for Linux due to its open-source design. Linux servers are perfect for business applications like web services and database management. Moreover, Linux cloud servers have substantial Linux-based computing power and enable data storage flexibility and reliability.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the key benefits of cloud hosting is the reduced cost. It is quite expensive to acquire large hardware packages and maintain your own IT servers for companies. With a cloud server environment, you are getting increased software support and virtual dedicated servers without spending a fortune. Most of all, you are getting flexibility, control, and a secure environment at a reasonable price.

Data Backup

If you are concerned about data loss during a disaster, you don’t need to worry about that with a cloud hosting environment. Achieving data recovery with a physical server is difficult. However, in cloud hosting the data is always backed up with care, and thus is readily available in the event of a disaster.

Global Availability

Since you have a cloud-based setup with Linux cloud hosting, your data is accessible from anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need to be in the proximity of your physical server anymore. You can access your VPS from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

Quick Software Upgrades

Since most of the upgrades are automated, you don’t need to worry about downtime and your systems are readily available after any software upgrades. All you need to do is configure your settings for your Linux cloud server, and automation takes care of the rest for you. Flexibility and less downtime make the Linux cloud server a popular choice. Solar VPS provides one of the best Linux cloud hosting solutions. At Solar VPS, you can deploy five different Linux flavors, such as CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu or CloudLinux. You can customize your Linux cloud solution as you wish and dynamically alter your resource usage for a perfect fit. Additionally, we have one of the best technical support offerings to supplement your Linux cloud solution. When you sign up with Solar VPS, you only pay for what you need. Contact us today and set up your Linux cloud solution.

Need Help from the Sickbay?

Even the most advanced space-age technology needs a tune-up every now and then, and sometimes the captain needs some extra help. But why should you have to pay for technical help during times when you don’t need it? Our clients wondered the same thing, and we agree with them. That’s why we came up with the Sickbay, our solution to the classic VPS tech support model. At Solar VPS, we like to take all of our services to the next level so that our clients get only the best. Below, you’ll find some of our clients’ favorite advantages of the Sickbay.  

We Care as Much as You Do

When you run a business, you need absolute efficiency. Technical difficulties don’t exactly fit into that plan. At Solar VPS, we understand why you value rocket speed, so we want to answer all of your VPS tech support questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We’ll help you get the job done because we care about your company.  

Only Pay for What You Need

With the Sickbay system, you only have to pay for the services that you use. If you never need VPS tech support, you’ll never have to pay for it. By charging $10 per ticket for our Sickbay service, we can keep the rest of our services at the most competitive prices. You can also save even more money by buying your Sickbay tickets in packs.  

Total Dedication and Availability

Our Sickbay ticket system means that we get to spend less time anticipating rogue requests. What does this mean for you? It means that you have our total focus during your visit to the Sickbay. While we do want to solve your VPS tech support issues quickly, we never rush on the job. Sickbay tickets allow us to see exactly who needs our services, and we can spend our time focusing solely on those people. So go ahead and ask us whatever questions you may have. After all, you have our undivided attention.  

VPS Tech Support

Looking for VPS tech support? Then come join us in the Solar system! Solar VPS comes with all the tools you need to rule the galaxy. With high speeds, total convenience, and your choice of different cloud options, we’ll help you find the VPS experience that will work perfectly for your business. If you’re ready to get started, check out our options. Plans start at just $5 a month.