OpenVZ vs. Xen

“Xen is the platform of choice for heavy duty, production-grade virtualized deployments, while OpenVZ is optimum for lightweight uses,” explains Solar VPS founder and COO Ross Brouse. “While I would choose Xen nine times out of 10, I know that OpenVZ is a great platform for applications such as DNS and VPN, as well as SEO optimization, static websites and project-based work.”

With Xen, he says, you run your own instance of the Linux kernel; you have virtualized memory, IO and scheduler; and it’s generally uninterrupted performance. Continue

OPEN Act: A Good Thing?

Now that SOPA and PIPA are tabled – at least for the time being, lawmakers are looking to a new bill for answers to the pervasive problem of Internet piracy. OPEN – or Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act – may be that answer: “I think that OPEN is a good start,” explains Solar VPS Founder and COO Ross Brouse. “It shows that the democratic process works. When a proposed bill is flawed, we can go back to the drawing board and make things better.”

Brouse is referring to the public outcry against the SOPA/PIPA bills, which forced Congressional supporters into retreat. Despite thousands, if not millions, of dollars spent by media conglomerates to lobby Congress in favor of the bills – non-profit research organization Media Matters for America reports that an estimated 28 different lobbying firms were hired by the likes of Comcast, Disney, et al., organizations such as the Save Hosting Coalition were able to rally support amongst the IT community and others who benefit from an open Internet (that’s EVERYONE!). “The outcry was massive,” Brouse says. “Shelving SOPA and PIPA has been a great success. We (the protestors) created awareness and people’s awareness enabled them to speak up about how SOPA and PIPA are toxic for our economy – especially when it comes to jobs – and for the basic freedoms we, as Americans, hold dear.”


What are the Basics that I Need to Know to Market My Website?

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. While the health and profitability of your online marketing campaigns is important to you, chances are that you’re spending more time making sales or otherwise helping your customers. Unless you have an outsourced marketing team or staff in-house to keep that flow of traffic coming, you need to focus at least some of your time on marketing. Today we’re going to look at a few ways you can make the most of that time, to cover the bases in your marketing strategy.

Google is big. If you’re not focusing any time on keeping up with the big G, then you need to spend at least a little time each month learning from them. Matt Cutts has done an outstanding job of building out Google’s video repository with tips and tricks on how to achieve rankings in Google on the Google Webmaster Central Channel on YouTube. What you’ll find here is the cleanest of clean white hat techniques on building your search engine rankings. Subscribe to this channel and listen in every now and then to keep up to speed on changes with Google.

Content is big. The Internet is not stagnant media – it’s always changing and so too should your website if you want to improve your search engine traffic. Always be updating and creating new content for your site. You don’t need to go full bore with this to have some positive effects on both your search engine rankings and your site’s stickiness. Just commit to regularly posting new content on your site and on your social media profiles. This could be as simple as a blog post each week. By the end of the year, you’ll have more than 50 unique pieces of content for your site. I particularly like video, because its very easy to create new content quickly with video. Remember as well that YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, behind Google, so getting quality content up on YouTube could help drive new interest in your business and your website.

Creating this new and original content can do some pretty cool things for your business. For starters, you’re establishing yourself as an authority in your niche or industry. If the content is good and original, you’re also increasing the chances that other websites will link to your site. This is where the magic really happens. Getting other relevant websites linking to you not only brings some direct traffic, but also can improve your search engine rankings! Whats more, you’re taking your original content and sharing it on your social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn, whatever social media outlet(s) you’re focused on. So within just a little time, you’ve given your visitors new content, built more relevant links to your website, established yourself as an authority and given your loyal followers yet another reason to come back to your site, aren’t you a stud?!

These are the basics. If you can spare more time, there are many other great ways to supercharge your online marketing efforts, like setting up an affiliate program, PPC campaign or buying media. These tactics do require time and attention though, so make sure you have the basics covered before diving in.

Solar VPS Deploys New Nodes


Managed VPS Host Solar VPS Deploys New Nodes

CLIFTON, N.J. (April 11, 2011) – Managed VPS hosting provider, Solar VPS, announced the deployment of new VPS nodes in three US locations today. This deployment extends the virtualization company’s capacity in Dallas, Los Angeles and Clifton, NJ.

Driven by high-performance dual Intel Xeon Quadcore 5500 series CPUs, the new nodes include 48GB DDR3 RAM and high performance Western Digital RAID-edition drives using RAID10 for optimum performance. Solar’s virtual private servers are powered by Parallels Virtuozzo. Available in Linux, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, customers can choose from the Plesk, cPanel or DirectAdmin control panels.

To help populate the new servers, Solar VPS is offering new and existing customers triple the bandwidth, twice the RAM and 20% off on its Windows and Linux VPS packages (coupon code: TRIPLEDUB). Additional detail is available on the Company’s website at

In February, the Company announced a merger with managed dedicated server host DedicatedNOW. The merger brings greater resources to Solar VPS, including a place to call home – the DedicatedNOW datacenter in New Jersey. The datacenter has a multi Gigabit bandwidth network accessing all key tier 1 providers through POPs in 165 Halsey and 111 8th Ave.

About Solar VPS Founded in 2005, Solar VPS was established to provide next-generation windows and linux vps web hosting services on virtualized infrastructure. With the help of automation and virtualization software, it has quickly become a global hosted application service provider. Through the operation of virtual business infrastructure and strong partnerships with industry leaders, Solar VPS provides a fully automated service platform that enables a focus on personal customer relationships and superior customer support.

VPSColo Launched!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. New baby in the house, brother got married, tradeshows and a lot of traveling and I’ve just been too busy to get back to my blogging. Kids are sick today and so I’m planted on the couch with my laptop and so I figured it would be a great time to update my blog.

We’ve been working on a lot of new projects over the past few months and my next few posts will talk about those projects. Today I want to talk about VPSColo. Back in 2007, Solar VPS began offering unmanaged Windows and Linux virtual private servers. Unmanaged servers were always a good business for us. They come at a lower price point and they require far less support from our tech team, since they are unmanaged. Last year we inherited the JVDS brand and we moved our unmanaged virtual server offerings over to this brand, which included both Windows and Linux. The initial obstacle was letting customers know that the SolarVPS web site no longer included our unmanaged offerings, however, the bigger obstacle soon became the price point for these unmanaged services.

We’ve always been a Parallels partner and a staunch supporter of the Parallels software and so using Virtuozzo for our unmanaged offerings was a no brainer. The problem soon became that our competitors were driving their costs down by using open-source alternatives such as Xen and OpenVZ. We’ve always set ourselves apart from most of these smaller players, simply because we have better support, a far better network infrastructure and better equipment. Unfortunately, at these low price points, people seem to stop caring about some or even all of these aspects of the experience. If you’re going to sell a cheap VPS for $5 per month, how much can you really do for the customer?

We had no intention of sacrificing the quality of our service as a tradeoff for a reduction in pricing. While we do not provide managed support for VPSColo and JVDS, we do offer the same high quality of hardware and network that we do for Solar VPS. In addition, we have a highly automated VPS billing and management platform that makes ordering, setup and management a breeze for our customers. We also have some exciting additions coming to our VPSColo and JVDS brands including Xen support for Windows and Linux and iPhone and Android applications to manage your support, billing and vps directly from your mobile phone!


SolarRAY Server Monitoring Nearing Release Candidate

If you haven’t heard of this before, we’ve been developing a server monitoring solution in house for approximately the past year. The product is called SolarRAY and its goal is to provide Solar VPS clients with an integrated monitoring solution that will eventually allow for pro-active support of Solar VPS client servers. There are many SaaS monitoring solutions available in the market today but few that are operated directly by a managed service provider. Continue