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Six Hot SEO Tips For 2020 and Early 2021

The best SEO strategies are constantly adapted to address current search engine trends. If you are planning a new SEO plan for 2021 or want to improve your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), we’ve put together some hot tips to help you out.

SEO Tip #1 Create Quality Content

There has been a dramatic increase in web content over the past year. And let’s face it: not all of this content is high-quality. Users are savvy enough to recognize when this the case. They won’t spend time reading poor content, let alone engaging with it.

One way to increase user engagement that enhances your SEO is to provide quality content informs. When a user finds your content valuable they are more likely to share it via a link. Search engines view this as a positive and will send more users your way. Inbound links to content are a top factor in SEO rankings.

It’s a simple tip that can make you stand out in the crowd. Quality content will also increase your site’s dwell time. Dwell time is how long a user spends on a site. Search engines use this as a factor in ranking results.

Creating quality content for the best SEO results doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to be a grammar expert. Even the best writers use tools like Grammarly to make sure their content is grammatically correct.

Quality content is written in an authoritative manner. It’s ideal to know a topic well to create content that is viewed as authoritative, but you can also achieve good results by researching.

SEO Tip # 2 Maximize SEO with Video Content

It is estimated that 80% of online traffic in 2021 will be from video content. Yet many websites are still not integrating video into their content. Create quality video for your website now, and you will have a jump start on the competition.

Video content is valuable because it can increase the amount of time a user spends on your site. A user is more likely to watch your full video than read through a lengthy article. As mentioned previously, dwell time is a factor used by search engines for rankings.

Your website should only contain video and audio that is high-quality. If you don’t have the technical tools to achieve this, it might be worth it to add them to your 2021 budget planning.

But before you create new content, go through any existing videos on your site and make sure they are good quality with updated titles and descriptions. By doing this you can make better use of what you already have to improve SEO performance.

SEO Tip #3 Optimize for Voice Searches

Voice searching technology has continued to improve, and users have responded by engaging it more often.

Most voice searches are mobile users searching for a local business. If your customer base is local, this is an invaluable tool to maximize. You do that by having geographic-specific keywords in your content. Follow this up by making sure all of your online address and contact information is correct and consistent.

SEO Tip #4 Use Mobile-First Indexing

Google now considers the mobile version of your site as the primary one, which is what mobile-first indexing means. If you don’t have a mobile site, they default to the desktop version as your primary site in searches. You can take a hit with these results if your desktop site is not mobile-friendly.

The best results in search engines will be achieved if your site is responsive and automatically adapts to the screen size of the user. Google also recommends this since doing so means you will have one URL. If you have a separate mobile site it may have an URL that begins with an “m.” Sites with this type of URL do not produce the best search engine results.


SEO Tip #5 Create Content For Keyword Snippets

Featured snippets show up just under the ads and before ranked results on a SERP. They are short paragraphs or lists often next to a table, graph, or image. Featured snippets don’t always show up in searches, but when they do they stand out and will drive traffic to your site.

You can increase the chances of content being a featured search engine snippet by focusing on the answer to a basic keyword question. Create a brief and concise paragraph or a list to answer the question.

For example, a Google search of “what is the most popular chocolate” doesn’t even yield an ad first, but rather a snippet. The featured snippet is a bulleted list titled “Top Ten Most Searched Chocolates in The World” with a link back to the site that created the list.

SEO Tip #6 Maximize Your Speed and Uptime

A user’s experience on your site is enhanced when your site performs well technically. You don’t want to drive users away because your site takes too long to respond to clicks – or worse, lose them altogether when your website is down.

If you want the best technical performance for your site to improve your SEO, consider cloud VPS hosting. Solar VPS offers cloud hosting services that can help you achieve maximum speeds and uptime. Click here for information on our cloud hosting options.

SEO Bonus Tip

The tips outlined here all point in the direction of creating the best user experience possible. The hottest tip for now and going into 2021 is to focus on enhancing the user experience to achieve the best results in SEO.

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