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Five Ways that SEO Drives Customer Traffic in Your Direction

Image by Katie White from Pixabay

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) should be a crucial part of any website’s marketing strategy. SEO is an easy way to raise your company’s profile, but understanding SEO can be tricky. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at five ways that your team can use it to drive customer traffic to your content.

SEO Drives Traffic Way #1: Using the Right Words

The first way of driving traffic toward your web content comes down to using the right words. This can be achieved by generating appropriate content and messaging across all channels. Before you can reach a place where the right words are front and center, it’s essential that you understand who your audience truly is.  Depending on the type of content and the goals of your organization, chances are that this will look very different from any other company. As you learn more about your audience, you will begin to understand what messaging is the most productive for garnering their attention. Generating appropriate content comes down to what you say and why you say it.

SEO Drives Traffic Way #2: Genuine Social Media Posts

The second consideration that can increase web traffic for your company involves going multi-modal. While a website is good and can provide a clear picture of your organization, social media provides more opportunities to reach your core audience. The tricky thing that you might not have considered is exactly how diverse your social media offering should be to reach the greatest cross-section of viewers.

While most organizations that use social media are on the traditional apps–Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter–there’s a deeper layer to each of those apps. Building and maintaining content on each of these servers is a great start. However, there is an untapped market that happens with the roll-out of new features. Are your social media warriors using any of the following yet?

  • Instagram Stories (where a link can be embedded with content that leads to your webpage)
  • Facebook Messenger (where automated messages can be sent to users who opt-in for more information)
  • IGTV (an Instagram add-on that has become a stand-alone app–it allows your team to create longer promotional content that can be linked to existing accounts)

Of course, it’s important to remember non-traditional marketing apps like YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Learning how your customer base utilizes any app should be a part of any new or revised marketing strategy. Making small tweaks can pay huge dividends going forward. As your content evolves, your team will find new and innovative ways to use unique SEO terminology to pull viewers into your vortex.

SEO Drives Traffic Way #3: True Customer Engagement

The third way to drive more deliberate traffic to your content will come with time and growth. As your brand becomes more and more recognizable, your community of followers will grow. On social media platforms like Facebook, your most loyal and engaged followers will receive a special designation from the platform. Brand managers can easily detect these superstar followers by the designation and their interaction with social media content. As you find these followers, look for ways to interact with them.

The easiest way to interact with your top customers is to use social media and blog posts to encourage interaction. Post open-ended questions about your products, services, or upcoming promotions. Many of your top followers will have their interest peaked. They will tag friends who also follow your brand or other people they know that have never viewed your content before. Finding ways to answer their questions and comments personally can endear your brand to them for life. True customer interactions matter more than form emails.

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

SEO Drives Traffic Way #4: Post Blogs and Often

The fourth concept to consider is both the hardest and the most straightforward. To keep your content interesting and in the minds of viewers, you need to always be telling the world about it. This is going to involve blogging often. While you might be better suited to hiring professional bloggers to handle this task due to the sheer amount of time required to generate the content, know what your viewers want to see. 

Work closely with your writers (internal or external freelancers) to make sure that they understand the hot button issues involved. If there’s a new product line that you want to have highlighted, ask that they write to certain SEO keywords. The more that the keywords come up on your site, the more they will come up on search engines. If you want more traffic, your viewers need to feel valued and they need to be informed.

SEO Drives Traffic Way #5: A.B.R. (Always Be Researching and Revising)

The fifth way to use SEO to your advantage involves continuous education and re-education for your team. Generating the same content over and over again will do nothing to increase your traffic in any long-term way. In fact, it can lose you valuable traffic. One way to combat staleness is to always be engaging with content. Always be researching other publications and organizations that deal with the content you provide. Keep your eyes out for new trends and areas that could provide stimulating content for your viewers. At the same time, always be revising. This applies to your SEO phrases as well. If you use the same phrases over and over again, you aren’t showing any growth in your content. Find ways to change up your phrasing and keep things fresh.

Solar VPS: SEO Superstars at Your Service

Now that you’ve learned the top five ways that SEO can increase the number of eyes on your site, it’s time to partner with us. Solar VPS has long been designing custom computing strategies for customers from a wide variety of backgrounds. When you work with our experts, you can rest assured that you’ll put your best foot forward no matter the challenges involved. Don’t delay–contact us today!

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