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Linux vs Windows in the Cloud: Who’s Better?

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When a company is interested in paying for a cloud server, they’re faced with the choice of Linux or Windows. These two options are the most popular for several reasons. Each has different benefits it can offer to companies and other organizations. But which is better for you? Understanding the difference between Windows and Linux can help you make the decision. Here are some of what each offers and how the other compares.

Open Source (Linux) vs Proprietary (Windows)

The battle between Linux and Windows has been going on for decades. Recently, things have gotten a bit friendlier, but it’s been heated because they’re both fighting over the same turf. People are surprised to hear that Linux servers outnumber Windows by a good margin. A lot of people love Linux because it’s a free operating system. Linux can also be used quickly to address specific applications or uses in the cloud. Windows, on the other hand, is a comprehensive operating system that has applications and support for almost every instance. 

Cost of Cloud Servers

Linux is free, so the upfront costs of running cloud applications are lower. However, upfront costs aren’t really indicative of how much a cloud server will cost in the long run. Companies have to consider the cost of maintaining the server, patching it for security, and troubleshooting any issues that come up. Hiring support staff can be expensive and add to the cost of owning a cloud server. Windows has a much better support network built into its cloud offerings. You’re likely to get a faster and better response when something goes wrong. 

Windows Cloud for More Control

Windows has taken a lot of the leg work out of managing data and applications in the cloud. The Windows system includes things like corporate authentication to ensure you have control over your data. You have more ability to structure your information and processes. With Linux, a lot of the work has to be done from the ground up. It can take more time, and you’ll need to find people able to do the work. Windows is more of an out of the box solution. You can plug and play different options as you see fit.  SolarVPS offers different cloud server options for organizations. Moving data and processes into the cloud can save you money and help you work more effectively. Your data is safer and accessible from anywhere. Contact us today to hear more about how we can help.   
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