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What Are Cloud Apps and How Can They Help?

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A cloud application is a software program that is located and deployed from the cloud rather than simply downloaded to a personal computer. Cloud apps usually utilize third-party servers to house the software and the data used by local users. Using cloud apps for your business can do a lot to help increase efficiency and save money. Here are some of the ways that using cloud apps can help your organization.

Simplified Usage

Cloud-based apps are designed to be managed in a simple, effective, overarching way. Cloud apps can be designed to utilize existing company needs, policies, and principles to guide how users gain and maintain their access to the apps.


Cloud apps are deployed remotely to reduce lag time for your local IT staff. Apps are regularly updated, tested, and usually have vendor-provided support for issues that may arise with your employees.

Better Data Security

Another benefit of using cloud apps is the increased levels of data security provided by the vendor. Data stored on cloud-based apps is regularly backed up to prevent catastrophic data loss. Anything stored on cloud apps by employees can be accessed by authorized IT staff to ensure adherence to company data security policies.

Reduced Software Costs

When considering why to shift away from traditional software packages to cloud-based apps, money can be a big factor. Cloud applications provide all the same bells and whistles of traditional software but with significant savings. Data centers that store the apps and their data can be run for much less capital–resulting in cheaper pricing for your business!

Enhanced Collaboration

One additional benefit of using cloud apps for your business is that employees can work together more often, even outside of the office, to meet the needs of your customers. Having that flexibility in ways that work better for each employee leads to better work for the organization.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

One outside consideration for using cloud apps is the benefit that comes from a reduced carbon footprint. Cloud apps provide all the benefits of a traditional application without the need to drive to the office to install, troubleshoot, or use software. Anything that allows a company to save the environment is a win-win. When you’re ready to change the way that you view cloud apps, contact us. At Solar VPS, we have a solution that will meet your needs for cloud-based VPS tools. Pay for what you actually need and nothing more. If you are ready to find a flexible VPS program for your organization, contact Solar VPS today!
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