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Is Your Data Secure When Stored in the Cloud?

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As you are considering storing your data in the cloud, you may be concerned about its security. Many users have been increasing their cloud usage because of large amounts of data they are utilizing and storing for various reasons. However, some people are still cautious until they are confident about the cloud security issues.

How’s the Data Stored in the Cloud?

You will be happy to know that the data that is stored in the cloud is almost always stored in an encrypted form. An intruder will need the encryption key to get access to your data. Encryption methods use complex algorithms to conceal your information. Your data that is stored in the cloud is generally safer than your locally stored data. Each user’s data is encrypted with a specific encryption key, and without the decryption, the data will not make any sense. You have the choice of storing the key yourself or have the service provider store it for you. Most users keep the key themselves.

Added Protection

In order to maximize cloud storage security, you can also add more security yourself. Before uploading data to the cloud, you can first encrypt it using your own encryption software and then upload to the cloud. This adds an extra step every time you have to upload or download but gives you added protection.  It may, however, limit you from accessing different features of a cloud service provider.

Authenticated Encryption

Another approach you can adopt is called authenticated encryption. When you use this method, the cloud will not only have your encrypted file but additional metadata that lets you detect whether the file has been modified since it was created. This gives a lot more security and added benefit.

 What Else Can You Do?

You can take some responsibility along with the cloud service provider to keep your data secure. For instance, you can avoid using the same password over multiple platforms and choose a strong password. You should use unique and randomized passwords for data stored in the cloud. You can also protect your login with two-factor authentication. At Solar VPS, regardless of which operating system you choose, you can opt for managed or unmanaged cloud VPS plans. While unmanaged hosting saves you money in the short-term, you will be 100% responsible for troubleshooting and security. With our managed plan, you will get technical support and security. Contact us today for all your cloud hosting needs.
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