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Disaster Recovery in a VPS Plan

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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) system is a smart choice for your enterprise hosting needs. A VPS solution is made possible due to modern virtualization techniques that enable you to make better use of hardware resources. When you opt for a VPS environment, you have full control over its operating system and other applications that you would like to install. It is also highly cost-effective for organizations as you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware.

Disaster Recovery with Cloud Solutions

While cost-effectiveness is one of the main advantages of cloud VPS solutions, disaster recovery is a substantial benefit as well. Cloud computing gives a new meaning to “disaster recovery.” Most of the reliable cloud service providers have strategies in place to tackle disasters if and when they happen. You are not relying on hope; instead, you are assured that you won’t have extended downtime if some unfortunate event does happen. Using cloud VPS solutions, you can enjoy short recovery times and a proper backup option.

How does it work?

When you sign up for a cloud VPS solution, all your files, folders, applications, and databases are bundled together. Your service providers will keep a backup copy of your entire virtual server to provide reliable disaster recovery. When a disaster occurs, recovery of all the files is made within a very short time, and you don’t face much downtime or disturbed customers.

Disaster Recovery at Solar VPS

At Solar VPS, we provide one of the best VPS solutions with a significant amount of flexibility and control. We have an excellent VPS management suite called SolarSystem that can deploy resources as and when needed. SolarSystem also provides DNS control and enables you to customize your service. You can utilize our Disaster Recovery backups and protect yourself from any catastrophe. We offer 20GB to 200GB backup capacity and Full Server Backups. Our algorithms allow for new data to be backed up incrementally and the backups are stored for three days. Latest backup always replaces the old one, and our backups are kept in a redundant offsite data center facility for maximum efficiency. If you run into any issues, the support team at Solar VPS is available for troubleshooting and will provide a comprehensive solution. Additionally, you can customize your hosting packages and increase your allotted resources at the click of a button. Similarly, all your resource allocation can be scaled down to reflect lesser resource need. When you sign up with Solar VPS, you only pay for what you need. Contact us today and set up your customized VPS plan.
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