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Cloud VPS Hosting

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With the advent of cloud servers and virtualization, Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting is now quite popular. Cloud VPS is a private, dedicated hosting environment that is configured on a parent server or a cluster of servers through the use of virtualization. The physical server is located in the service provider’s data center. The server resources are effectively managed between different clients by the service provider.

Pros and Cons of Cloud VPS

Many clients prefer VPS hosting since it offers complete freedom to you. You are free to manage your virtual server as you like, and you can install all the software based on your needs. Cloud VPS Hosting is very efficient and keeps you isolated from other virtual servers. It is also quite secure since all your files are private and inaccessible to other clients. One of the main concerns with cloud VPS is if the physical server crashes, it can bring down all virtual private servers as well. This makes it quite vulnerable and susceptible to outages and lost connectivity.


One of the cool features of Cloud VPS is that you can increase or decrease your resource pool as your needs change. With the ever-changing digital world, it is nice to have this kind of flexibility. Your contract with the cloud VPS provider does not bind you to a particular configuration. Most providers offer a way to scale your resources based on your needs.

Customized Cloud VPS Solution

Solar VPS provides one of the best Cloud VPS hosting solutions. We have the best cloud VPS management suite called SolarSystem. SolarSystem can deploy resources as and when needed, empower your DNS control and enable you to customize your service. Solar VPS serves more than 10,000 clients, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Through our talented and experienced staff, we have the best technical support offerings to supplement your cloud VPS solutions. You can always increase your allotted resources with the click of a button. Moreover, you have the flexibility of increasing your cloud storage when the need arises. Similarly, all your VPS resources can be scaled down to reflect lesser resource need. If you are looking for a comprehensive and flexible cloud VPS solution, you don’t need to look beyond Solar VPS. Contact us today and choose from various available options.
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