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Why You Need Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery

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What would happen to your company in the case of a digital disaster? Few people enjoy thinking about the idea. Most prefer to pretend that nothing bad could happen to their businesses. That’s why too few companies have a disaster recovery plan. For those who do have one of these plans, however, the extra level of preparedness can literally save companies from destruction.

Avoid Losing Revenue

If your company experiences a data outage, that outage can become costly. In fact, downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenue. When you have an outage on your hands, you have no way to conduct your business. Suddenly, the entire company’s focus goes toward fixing the problem instead of generating profit. As a result, you could lose revenue from every department.

Protect Your Reputation

Digital disasters could also potentially harm your clients. If you store any sort of information for your clientele, you risk compromising their digital safety if you don’t have a way to restore and protect that information. Lost trust means lost business. Suddenly, loyal customers who once recommended your business are now steering friends away. The damage to your reputation will spread quickly and completely.

Focus on Your Business

When you have a clear disaster recovery plan, you can spend less time worrying about manual protections. For those who don’t use disaster recovery, the constant worry about whether or not something bad will happen can prevent them from doing their jobs. A disaster recovery plan can remove that worry from your mind. That extra level of calm might just help you gain more clarity and efficiency at work.

Get Convenient Automation

Having a disaster recovery plan means that you get automatic backups with multiple points of restoration. How often do you perform backups on your own? If you had a disaster recovery plan, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. The disaster recovery system would provide regular updates and backups so that your data and your clients’ data will stay safe.

Solar VPS Disaster Recovery

Do you need a disaster recovery plan? Solar VPS offers the best way to protect yourself. We back up new data in increments, provide full server backups, and perform updates as often as needed. All of these measures take place in our high-quality data centers. If you’re ready for top-level system protection, contact us now to ask about the disaster recovery add-on.
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