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Five Uses for Your New WordPress Blog

WordPress Install

On October 14, 2013, Solar VPS launched the SolarSystem 2.0. The new SolarSystem includes the public launch of SolarSystem 260 Cloud Apps on Demand. As the name suggests, SolarSystem 260 Cloud Apps on Demand is powerful and easy to use one click installer of over 260 of the most popular applications on the market today. Some of those applicatoins are Magento, osCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Phorum, SquirrelMail and yes, WordPress.

Of all the current blogging applications on the market, WordPress is easily the most popular. With it’s highly customizable backend, WordPress is the go to blogging platform for mommy bloggrs, online nutrition coaches, chefs who want to share their recipes with the world and sly online marketers who like nothing more than making money off their blog by creating SEO/theme relevant content. Due to that, in celebreation of the launch of SolarSystem Cloud Apps on Demand, we present you with five excellent uses for your Solar VPS hosting WordPress blog.

1. Corporate Website

For those among you who are up to the challenge of building your own corporate website, WordPress is the platform for you. With the ability to decide the look and feel of your WordPress blog through utilizing custom made themes, WordPress allows you to fully custom build your website with the look and feel you love. Beyond the simple themeing of WordPress install, WordPress allows you to customize how many pages you want, determine what type of written/photo/video content you want on your pages, specify the look and feel of your company blog and customize the internal SEO link structure of your site via excellent WordPress add-ons. The idea here is simple: Instead of paying a third party provider a good chunk of change to custom build your WordPress corporate site, for as little as $5 per month, SolarSystem Cloud Apps on Demand empowers you to build your corporate website on your own.

2. Advertised Blogging

Maybe you don’t run a company. Maybe the last thing you want in life is to run a business which requires a corporate website. All the same, even though running a business is something which you have no interest in, you are interested in making some money. Well, with a SolarSystem Hosting WordPress blog, you can do just that. By gaining enough traffic to your site, like a television network does when it draws a large weekly audience, online advertisers will want to place their advertisements on your blog. The idea here is simple: a blog with a large daily/weekly/monthy audience will draw enough eyeballs and enough clicks on onsite ad’s that those advertisers will pay you to place their brand name on the side of your blog. Obviously, the more traffic your site draws on a normal basis, the more you can charge for the rights to advertise.

3. SEO Blogging

SEO, yes that mystical art which only the mythical search engine wizards floating among us know how to do. Ha! That was a joke. SEO, as you know, stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the practice of employing a variety of techniques to move your lowly blog to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Although we won’t divulge our SEO techniques (again, mythical search engine wizards), we can say that practicing SEO blogging is a good start. Essentially pick a topic, learn and research all of the keywords/trending items regarding that topic and being blogging about it using those keywords/trending items wisely. Don’t overdue it though.

Once you gain good traffic, you might consider updating from your $5 hosted WordPress blog to a higher stage of SolarSystem Cloud Apps on Demand that offers great VPS resources. As you can see, SolarSystem Cloud Apps on Demand offers Six Stages ranging from Stage One – .5GB RAM, 20GB Disk, 1 CPU Core and 2TB of Bandwidth – to SolarSystem Cloud Apps on Demand Stage 6 – 8GB RAM, 120GB Disk, 8 CPU Cores and 16TB Bandwidth. When your traffic increases, look into the upgrade. It will only help.

4. Online Store

This is a simple one. You don’t want to run a business but you want to make some money. How about running an online E-Commerce platform via your WordPress blog? With the multitude of WordPress E-Commerce plugins, converting your WordPress install into an E-Commerce platform is pretty simple. Add to this sites like ThemeForrest which offer excellent responsive design E-Commerce themes for as little at $30 and you can see how selling gear online can become pretty lucrative.

5. Online Food King

This is a long play. Everyone loves food. Everyone loves eating great food. The only issue is, most people don’t have the time to spend their day messing around with flavors, ingrediants and spices to learn what goes into making the perfect pulled pork sandwich or the must succulant New York Strip Streak. Due to that, if you have the time, the passion and the money to sustain yourself when the traffic is just picking up, become a noted food blogger. Make killer dishes, shell out the recipes online and show the world how to make thier life a more tasty expirence. Just like Gina from Skinny Taste, use your blog to make the world a more delicious place.

So there you have it. Five excellent uses for your SolarSystem Cloud Apps on Demand WordPress blog. Again, it’s only $5 per month. For the return, $5 per month for your SolarSystem WordPress install is a pretty stellar deal.

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