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Using a Cloud VPS to Learn New Programming Languages

Learn a new programming language with Solar VPS

Learning a new programming language is more than just learning a new syntax. It can mean learning new patterns and anti-patterns, which means changing the way you think about and approach problems. Different paradigms can inspire you to use your preferred language differently.

A virtual private server is the perfect environment for learning new programming languages and frameworks. Let’s compare a VPS to alternative development environments:

  1. Unlike shared hosting, you have complete control over the server. You can install and run anything you want.
  2. Compared to dedicated servers, the cost of ownership is very low.
  3. Local environments are isolated in that other systems and people cannot easily connect to them, and also forces you to share your local resources with server software.
  4. With a VPS, if you want to “start over” you can reinstall the operating system in a matter of seconds.
  5. You can scale your server’s resources up and down as needed.

We’ve written tutorials on how to install ten different programming languages or frameworks on your VPS from Solar VPS. Why not sit back with a hot cup of coffee, try out some of these tutorials, and start learning something new?

How to Install:

LAMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP on your Linux)



Scala and Java

Play Framework for Java and Scala

Ruby on Rails





We’ll leave you with this quote:

“If someone claims to have the perfect programming language, he is either a fool or a salesman or both.”
–Bjarne Stroustrup, Creator of the C++ programming language
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