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The Growing Cloud

Numerous industries have already realized the benefits provided by Cloud Computing. That’s why tons of companies have already started adopting and integrating the technology into their businesses. While most of know the various uses for Cloud Computing, you may find some below you haven’t thought of yet.

Data Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Odd as it may sound, it’s still common for business to maintain their electronic data on in-house servers. Cloud Computing allows businesses to store their data remotely in a secure datacenter located the world away. While some companies choose to house their servers in their kitchen (I recently visited a company whose sandwiches were made next to their internal email server) Cloud Computing unshackles companies from their internal servers – in the process freeing up physical space and freeing up OPEX and CAPEX expenditures.

Cloud Computing solutions create an environment where employees can work together by having immediate access to the same information regardless of their location. Not only does Cloud storage save your business money on expensive software (CAPEX), it also saves space on the hard drive of each employee’s computer. Why would anyone outsource their electronic data storage? It’s simple, not only are the benefits of remote data storage plentiful, it’s extremely affordable, too.

As previously mentioned, the Cloud allows companies to take their internal servers off their books. This means companies no longer have to shell out upwards of $50,000 every few years to maintain and replace their internal server housing their email and phone needs. As automatic software updates save companies on CAPEX, no server equipment maintenance/replacement saves companies tons of dough on OPEX.

With this in mind, the ensure companies of all sizes can afford simple, powerful and reliable Cloud servers, Solar VPS offers Cloud Web Hosting starting at $17.50 per month with full Cloud computing VPS resource allocation customization:

  • Memory – 2GB to 16GB
  • Disk Space – 20GB – 160GB
  • Bandwidth – 1 TB to 8 TB
  • CPU Cores – 1 Core to 4 Cores

Data Recovery

Datacenter Geo Redundancy

Datacenter Geo Redundancy

The days of storing files in a filing cabinet are over, and for very good reason. For instance, if you store your imperative data in a filing cabinet and a tornado comes through with no warning (they usually don’t give much of a warning), your files will be destroyed. But, if you store you files virtually, that tornado ain’t got nothin on the Cloud. In other words, your files will be safe in the Cloud. That’s because with Cloud Data Recovery (or Disaster Recovery), all Cloud data (operating system, applications and data) is stored on a virtual server which can be backed up to an offsite datacenter in a matter of minutes. This can dramatically reduce downtime and data loss compared to non-virtualized disaster recovery techniques. Solar VPS has two georedundant datacenters to ensure that your data is never compromised or lost. We’re prepared, are you?

Cloud Applications

Cloud Apps are very similar to Web Apps in that they are used to access online services over the Internet. However, there is one main difference – Cloud Apps are not always exclusively dependent on web browsers to work. Cloud Apps store data in the Cloud and can be used from a web browser OR a custom built app installed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. This is because data stored on Cloud Apps can be cached locally to be fully accessed offline.

Solar VPS offers a one-click install feature called SolarSystem A.I. (Automated Installer). This proprietary installer is specifically designed to make the installation process of over 260 Web Apps as quick as possible. A few of these applications include:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • osCommerce

For our full list of over 260 Applications, check out our List of Applications Supported by One Click A.I.

Social Media

Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet

Do you ever wonder where your photos are stored when you upload them to Facebook or Flickr? The answer is simple – in the Cloud. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Skype are all forms of cloud applications. These platforms store your data (images, video, voice… etc.) so you don’t have to worry about them. All of your media files are available online, so the days of searching through photo albums in the attic are gone.

Cloud computing for social media isn’t simply for storage capabilities. Social media on the Cloud allows you to be social across time and distance. We can work together, network or simply chat with someone across the world. This is extremely important for global companies like Solar VPS. We utilize our social networks to connect with our clients who live across the world. Through social media on the Cloud, we are able to reflect our core values by sharing our personality and voice with those who cannot meet us in person.

We want to meet you, so connect with us! Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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