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Bandwidth Utilization in the SolarSystem

What is Bandwidth and How Does it effect my SolarSystem Cloud VPS?


Bandwidth Speeds in the SolarSystem

Normally we use this space to blog about a variety of topics which server as a portal for information and knowledge. We normally use this space to explain Cloud hosting concepts and ideas so you, as the end user, have a greater understanding of the SolarSystem solution you are either currently using or looking into. However, in this blog post, we want to answer a question which was recently posed to us via Yahoo! Answers. The question asked, which comes from the European continent, was:

“I was browsing SolarVPS’s VPS plans, and they allow you to customize. There is an option of 1TB through 8TB bandwidth, and I’m not sure if that’s the speed, and if that’s the limited amount per month that you are allowed to use. Please only answer if your sure, I don’t want any misleading thoughts.”

Due to this, we want to take the time to answer the following questions regarding SolarSystem bandwidth utilization: What is bandwidth in terms of my Linux or Windows Cloud VPS? How much bandwidth can I utilize per month per Cloud VPS? What is our network bandwidth transfer rate? And finally, how much does additional bandwidth cost in the SolarSystem?

What is Bandwidth and How Does it effect my SolarSystem Cloud VPS?

In short bandwidth is the speed at which your data will transfer from one point to the next. It is the speed at which your data moves and effectively can be accessed by other users. The amount of bandwidth you utilize will determine how fast end users see and interact with your posted content. Be this text, music, video or interactive gaming, bandwidth is going to determine speed of viewing and interaction. It goes without saying but the less time it takes someone to view or interact with your content – the faster your bandwidth transfer rate is – the better.

How Much Bandwidth Can I Utilize With the SolarSystem?

When you utilize the SolarSystem for either your Windows Cloud VPS or your Linux Cloud VPS, you can have up to 8TB of bandwidth per month per Cloud VPS. Again, when you purchase bandwidth through our SolarSystem store, you will be purchasing your bandwidth allotment – your bandwidth cap – for the month. The choice is up to you how much bandwidth you need per month (video, ecommerce and content rich heavy sites might need higher bandwidth caps) however we can tell you, because bandwidth only costs .50 cents per additional TB, it would be wise to up your bandwidth cap as opposed to having a 1 TB cap.

What is the SolarSystem Network Data Transfer Rate?

100 Mb link. Our VM public network operates on a 100 Mb/s link and our nodes utilize 2x10G uplinks. This information is a subcomponent of your overall monthly bandwidth usage. Whereas you are allotted a range of monthly bandwidth usage per Cloud VPS (1TB – 8TB), the fastest your data is going to transfer is 100 Mb/s.

Can I Perform a Bandwidth Test?

Yes. To test our bandwidth data transfer rates, please visit our FAQ and consult our “speed test” sections.

To sign up for your bandwidth loaded Windows or Linux Cloud VPS, enter the SolarSystem Store.

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