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Do You Monitor Your Website's Uptime Statistics?

SolarRay Website Uptime Monitoring

SolarRay Website Uptime Monitoring

Let’s say for the sake of this conversation, you own a small to medium sized business located in the small sleepy town of Sleepy Hollow, NY. Mr. Crain and his headless adventures aside, you’re small to medium sized business is a growing legal, medical or ecommerce firm. To connect with your clients, you have a website hosted by a Cloud provider (Solar VPS is a great choice). While you love your site, let’s be honest here, it isn’t something you want to have to think about or worry about on a daily basis because you have more important things to do – getting people out of jail, prescribing medicine and selling the latest and greatest piece of women’s jewelry. As such, when your website goes down at 3:35 am on a random Tuesday, you don’t want to be bothered to fix it. For this, there are website downtime checkers and website downtime monitors. Let’s dive into some of the basic stats behind website downtime monitoring software to see if there is such a thing as 100% uptime guarantee.

Your Website Downtime This Month Was…?

100% Website Uptime?

100% Website Uptime?

Right off the bat we have to tell you, any Cloud Hosting or Web Hosting company which guarantees you a 100% website uptime SLA is selling you a bill of goods. The truth of the matter is, in the web hosting and Cloud computing industry, 100% website uptime is on the same level as the headless horseman: grim fairytales. This simple fact can be proven by taking a quick look at some of the basic requirements of web hosting providers. On a monthly basis, your provider will need to:

  1. Run scheduled maintenance on your website
  2. Routinely backup data on your website
  3. Fix errors, install patches, correct mistakes in your website hosting infrastructure (Cloud computing architecture)

All of these alone will cause your provider to temporarily suspend service to your website. Combined, these issues will rack up a serious yet small amount of website downtime on a monthly basis. According to 2011 estimates, on a monthly basis, due to the aforementioned issues, the average individual website experiences 7.2 minutes of downtime per month – mostly in the middle of the night. Another factor which can be incorporated in this small yet costly figure is your website running at peak memory, disk space, CPU and bandwidth rates – any of which can either slow your site or fully shut it down.

Due to these factors any provider promising you 100% uptime is lying. Don’t trust them.

Website Uptime Hyperspin Chart

Website Uptime Hyperspin Chart

Putting more data behind that, if you take a look at the uptime figures provided by Hyperspin (a prominent downtime monitoring information aggregator), the top 18 uptime monitoring companies all fall within the range of 99.998% uptime and 99.113% uptime. The majority of the companies listed on Hyperspin and other services like it, judge a service over a long span of time. As you can see from the chart, some of the companies listed have over 1,500 days of 99% plus website uptime. It should be clear, if you want to do website monitoring research into your Cloud hosting provider of choice, Hyperspin is a great place to start. The full chart is next to this paragraph.

7.2 Minutes Per Month is Nothing and other Website Downtime Statistics

So, we agree. 7.2 minutes seems like a small amount of time to be down in the course of a month. After all, in a 30 day month there are 720 hours. 7.2 minutes of downtime in 720 hours doesn’t seem like much at all. Well, consider this: In 2010, Amazon reported its yearly earnings at $34 billion. If, as Eseller noted, “we make an assumption that traffic is uniform over a 24 hour period, just 1 hour of downtime,” for Amazon, “equates to $3.88 million in potential lost revenue alone.” If the 7.2 minute figure is true, over the course of the year Amazon will suffer 86.4 minutes of downtime, well over an hour. That’s a lot of money.

So, now that you see how costly website downtime can be, the question is, what can I do about it? How can I stop website downtime?

Website Uptime Monitoring Tools and Uptime Alerts

The truth is, you cannot prevent website downtime for occurring. It is going to happen. Your valuable ecommerce website is going to go down for a few minutes each month. It is just the way it is. However, this being said, Cloud providers and additional solutions do offer website uptime monitor’s which work to effectively check website uptime and fix any uptime issues. The majority of website uptime checkers are designed to constantly check your website to ensure it is up and running. Once checked, if your site is down, Cloud providers and web hosting companies work to resolve any possible uptime issues. If the issue can’t be resolved, a good Cloud hosting provider like Solar VPS, will alert consumers about the downtime taking place. In addition to simply alerting consumers to downtime, Solar VPS SolarRay Website Uptime Monitoring provides:

  1. 24/7/365 Monitoring
  2. Downtime Email Notifications
  3. Email Notification Consolidation
  4. Sensitivity Threshold
  5. Downtime Logging

Currently we are working on:

  1. Proactive Support
  2. SMS Notifications
  3. Reseller Control Panel
  4. Monitoring from Six Locations
  5. SNMP Monitoring

Website Uptime Monitoring Service

Website Uptime Monitoring Service

Great providers supply their consumers with these additional services to make their website monitoring as powerful and as easy as possible. From website downtime messages to logging website uptime history to utilizing a uptime robot to continually check the status of a site, great providers take care of you need taken care of without having to do it for yourself.

So, what is the Best Website Monitor Service

Like any web hosting company which offers website uptime monitor solutions, we would love to answer Solar VPS to the aforementioned question. However, as much as we believe in our solution, we can’t force you to use our solution. Due to this, we recommend doing your homework to find out the fine details of your hosting provider. If they don’t meet your needs, if they don’t offer the solutions mentioned in this article, be careful utilizing their service. But whatever you do, don’t invest your money in free website monitoring as you always get what you pay for.

Website Uptime Monitoring Solutions Infographic

Website Uptime Monitoring Solutions and Website Downtime Monitoring Solutions VLOG

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