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HostingCon 2010

Today is our first day back from HostingCon 2010 in Austin, Texas. I thought I would dedicate this blog post to telling everyone what we did down in Austin. I will warn you now, there is a bit of colorful language in this post. I apologize in advance, however, the use of this language is absolutely necessary in order to properly depict some of the events that took place.

Douglas Hazard and myself arrived in Austin on Sunday evening. We checked into the hotel and then proceeded to find a bar to drink at. Now, I’m originally from Minnesota so you would think I would have remembered this about the Midwest ( or really anywhere other than New York and LA for that matter ), however, I did not. Sunday is the Sabbath and therefore, everything is closed by midnight. New York City doesn’t care if it’s Sunday, Christmas or Rosh Hashanah, there are always cool bars open for drinking. We headed over to the Four Seasons and met up with Jason Silverglate, Josh Ewin, Matt McCormick and Sal Poliandro from DedicatedNOW. Luckily, Jason had pre-ordered me a beer so I didn’t have to sit there watching everyone else drink. Since the bar had just closed, 1 beer was the cap for Sunday night. Needless to say, I got a good night sleep.

Monday was booth setup. I won’t go into more detail about this as there is nothing particularly exciting about setting up a tradeshow booth. We did meet up for lunch with Michael Fowler from Comodo and Igor Seletskiy from CloudLinux, which was a good time. Monday night was where things got INTERESTING. Doug and I met up with Behshad Behnam, our sales rep from Open-Xchange, at the Melting Pot.

While Tuesday proved to be a lot more fun than Monday, it’s hard to beat Monday night’s story. We exhibited at the DedicatedNOW booth all day Tuesday and I also spent some valuable time talking with Tyler Murphy from McAfee, Sam Renkema from Spam Experts and of course, all of the Parallels guys. I was all scheduled to go to the cPanel party at the Pure Ultra Lounge on Tuesday night, however, I ended up hanging out with my good friend Babak Kimiayi from Parallels, long time friend Behshad Behnam from Open-Xchange and Todd Crumpler from Parallels. There were numerous shots and beers consumed at Little Woodrows before heading to Dogwood where we met up with Zac Cogswell and his crew from WiredTree and Yaron Tilajef from Media Temple. All in all, it was a really great night and I had a blast. The only other thing I have to say about Tuesday night is, Todd Crumpler, you are a crazy man!

We unfortunately missed the 3rd day of HostingCon as both Doug and myself needed to get back to the office. Even so, HostingCon was a great success for us this year. We managed to finalize a few deals for upcoming products and locations that everyone should be extremely excited about. Please check back in the next couple of weeks for some big announcements!


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