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Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring is a great value added service. Over the past 2 years we’ve avoided adding this feature/service only because we didn’t want to overrun our support desk with notifications from customer servers for false service outages. The problem as we saw it was that if a customer happened to be doing service maintenance, recompiling software or maybe just rebooting, we’d start getting spammed with service outage notices. Maintaining a clean efficient support desk is challenge enough so adding ticket after ticket of service outages notices was not something we wanted to stomach.

After much discussion and some creative ingenuity with our help desk, along with the help of some excellent monitoring software, we have decided to add this service to our already excellent line of products and services [ please excuse the shameless plug ]. We are going to be launching this service before the end of 2007. We will start slowly, giving customers free trials to see how everything works. We’ll be selecting a few customers to help us beta test this service so keep your inboxes clean and if you are one of the lucky ones, you will see that email from us inviting you to take part.

Just to give you a quick peek into what this service is all about, it will monitor several services on your server and notify our tech support department if that service is not available. You will have a few critical services you will be allowed to monitor.

We are really excited to be offering this product so stay tuned to Solar VPS!

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