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Dear Valued Solar VPS Customers,

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued patronage and support of Solar VPS. Over the past 2 years we have grown considerably and each and every one of you has contributed to this. We thank you for trusting us with your businesses, your web sites, your email or any other service you host with us. That being said, we have been hard at work over the past year coming up with new value added services to offer all of you. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about some of these great new services.


As many of you have seen, we are now using the HSPcomplete billing and provisioning system. HSPcomplete offers a fully integrated billing and VPS & shared management system. Customer initiated system upgrades, integrated support and VE management are all features built-in to the MYSP customer control panel. You can also manage VZPP and Plesk from the same interface. All new VPS orders are now being provisioned within HSPcomplete. For more on HSPcomplete, please see here:


MailMedic is our new hosted Antispam/Antivirus application. MailMedic is capable of filtering over 99.9% of all SPAM and 100% of all mail VIRUSES. Customers who purchase this service simply redirect their MX record to the servers A records and it redirects mail to their backend mail server. Management of Antispam settings are virtually endless allowing both the domain ( realm ) administrator to set global specifications and the end-user to manage his/her own spam quarantine, blacklist/whitelist, SPF checking, bayes settings, custom rules and more. Our bayes database of spam is also maintained on a global level and is updated everyday with the most recent bayes filtering spam settings. This means that little to no training isinvolved making our Antispam/Antivirus solution plug and play. MailMedic also allows the end-user to login using the same login and password that is used to authenticate with the backend mailserver’s POP, IMAP or LDAP based user authentication system!

Email: for more information.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Blackberry & PEM

Solar VPS will be offering Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Server accounts starting in May and June of 2007. We recently signed a contract with SWsoft to purchase the PEM billing and provisioning system. PEM is the highest enterprise class system offering by SWsoft for the web hosting industry and we are proud to announce that it will take over billing and management of all of our Windows VPS, Windows shared and Hosted Exchange systems. Prices and packages will be announced within the next 2-3 months as the system comes closer to fruition. For more on PEM, please see here:

SSL Certificates

We are now offering RapidSSL certificates for $69.00 per year. This includes installation in Plesk, cPanel or DirectAdmin! Email: for more information.

The Solar VPS Blog!

We recently launched the new Solar VPS Community Blog. The blog will be used as a forum for Solar VPS staffers to talk about the web hosting industry ( more specifically the VPS industry ), about new and existing Solar VPS products and services, support policies and procedures, themselves and more! I look forward to the blog becoming an integral part of my weekly work with Solar VPS and a way for customers to get to know me and the rest of the Solar VPS team. The blog will act as a highly regular newsletter but will also allow customers to register and post comments on various topics and postings. The Solar VPS Community Blog can be found at:

Solar VPS Hires New CTO Russel Foster!

Several months ago, I set out to find a hard working yet creative individual who could add a high level of technical expertise and experience to the Solar support team as Chief Technical Officer. Finding this person was not an easy task as I settle for nothing less than the best. Many of you may know him as he has a broad background in the VPS industry. He previously owned and operated 2 companies known as JVDS and VPScolo and he now owns and operates a hosting company called A2B2 that offers a complimentary service to Solar VPS. His name is Russel Foster, we call him Rus. I hope you will all take a moment to welcome him to our family as many of you will be interacting with him over 1 or more of our support channels.

The question that some of you may be asking yourselves, What is the relationship between Solar VPS and A2B2? Well, let me make a few points clear:

  • Solar VPS LLC and A2B2 are, and shall remain, entirely separate entities. Solar VPS LLC is owned by myself while A2B2 is owned by Rus Foster.
  • Solar VPS and A2B2 do offer some similar services such as cPanel and DirectAdmin VPS and dedicated, however, our CORE services are different:

Core services offered by Solar VPS
  • US & UK Windows Virtuozzo VPS
  • US & UK Windows dedicated
  • US & UK Windows shared hosting
  • US based Linux dedicated
  • US based Linux IRC VPS
  • US & UK Linux Virtuozzo Plesk VPS
  • US & UK Linux Virtuozzo cPanel and DirectAdmin VPS
  • Hosted Antispam/Antivirus

Core service offered by A2B2
  • UK based Linux dedicated
  • UK based OpenVZ Linux VPS
  • UK collocation
  • US & UK Linux shared and reseller hosting

We will NOT be allowing customers to transfer between Solar VPS and A2B2 or vice versa for any of the following services. If the service is NOT listed here, then the service is not offered by both companies and transfers won’t be necessary:

  • US & UK Linux VPS
  • US & UK Linux Dedicated Servers
  • US & UK Linux shared hosting

Should a customer wish to transfer from a non-competing service, we will review the situation on a case by case basis. For example, if a Solar VPS customer with a UK Linux VPS wishes to transfer to an A2B2 UK Linux dedicated, they should open a ticket with and the situation will be reviewed.

I am truly excited to bring Rus Foster aboard as our new CTO. Rus Foster resides just 10 minutes from our UK based data center, Blue Square Data, and will be able to bring a high level of service to our UK based customers in addition to his all around contribution to our entire customer base. Rus has a broad experience with Linux, cPanel, DirectAdmin and VPS technologies. In addition to becoming familiar with our many Windows users, Rus will be helping Solar to implement new systems for performance, data integrity and support. I am truly looking forward to seeing what he will bring to the Solar family.

Welcome to Solar VPS Rus!
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