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Windows VZ 3.51 SP1 VPN Testing

So I am finally going to find some time this week to test out a few of these great new Windows Virtuozzo features. The one that most interests me is the VPN client feature. SWsoft is boasting that version 4.0 will have full VPN server support but of course that could mean any number of things. Chances are we will be limited and won’t have true ability to install any software based VPN server supported by a normal Windows server. Still, when you consider the price of Windows Virtuozzo, who cares. If we can get a halfway decent VPN server setup within a Windows Virtuozzo VPS, that could and would open a lot of doors for developers. However, since VPN server support is mere speculation at this time and even though I have heard that Quarter 2, 2007 will bring about Version 4, given its numerous delays already, I’m not getting my hopes up.

I want to talk about the VPN client support within Service Pack 1. I’ve been told that we cannot install OpenVPN client, Cisco VPN client or any other VPN client that attempts to create its own non-Microsoft VPN network adapter. However, the bright side is that the Microsoft VPN client can handle both PPTP and IPSEC and is also inter operable with many commercial based VPN servers. Thus, my testing this week will include attempting to connect the Microsoft VPN client software to both a Cisco PIX 501 and a Cisco ISR 2801.

I will report back on my findings later in the week. Wish me luck!

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