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Welcome to the Solar VPS Community Blog!

The Purpose

In an effort to grow our community of users, I felt it important to take a more active role in communicating with Solar VPS customers. For those of you who don’t know me, ‘Hi, my name is Ross Brouse and I am the proud owner of Solar VPS LLC!’

A Little Bit About Me

I have a broad history in the web hosting industry. I have been working in web hosting since 2000 where I began offering shared Windows web hosting. At the time I was a graphic designer and offering web hosting to my clients made sense. It gave me the ability to manage and maintain my client web sites with ease and also taught me a thing or two about providing support to my clients. I soon began learning how to develop code in cold fusion and php. As my consulting services broadened, so did my desire to provide services to host the content I was developing. I soon began offering both Linux and Windows based shared hosting along with email services to facilitate the needs of my clients. It was at this time that my love for the web hosting community began.

In the year 2003, I went to work for a well known company by the name of Pegasus Web Technologies. Many of you might now know them as DedicatedNOW or FortressITX but back then, they were Pegasus. The owner of Pegasus, Jason Silverglate, had become a friend of mine over the years as I had helped to develop his web site at the time and used his service for much of my web hosting needs. Jason took an interest in my programming abilities and I went to work developing a data center management system. Working on this system began to give me highly advanced knowledge of Linux and BSD operating systems, Cisco networking systems and general web hosting business expertise.

In January of 2005, I left my daytime work with Pegasus to pursue my new business venture, Solar VPS LLC. My goal was to take my now wealth of knowledge and begin offering Windows based Virtual Private Servers. In June of 2005, the first Solar VPS web site was launched and the first Windows VPS was sold! I won’t name the first Solar VPS customer but you know who you are. He continues to do business with us today!

Gradually Solar began to expand its service offerings. Today we offer Windows VPS, Linux VPS, Windows and Linux dedicated hosting, hosted Antispam/Antivirus, hosted backup solutions and we will soon be adding on several new services which I am very excited about but unfortunately cannot mention yet.

The Goal

The goal behind adding this BLOG feature to the web site is to allow me to have a more personal relationship with you, our valuable customers. Many of you have spoke with me on live chat, spoke with me on the phone or worked with me over email. Today I am giving you the chance to begin working with me in a new environment, this BLOG. I hope to be able to use this blog as a way to tell Solar VPS customers more about the projects we are working on, the things that are being developed for our business, my opinion on many subjects relating to VPS and web hosting and most importantly, a place where you can provide your feedback. After all, we are what you all make us.

With that said, Welcome to the Solar VPS Community Blog! We hope you will all make it a point to come back regularly.



Ross M. Brouse Solar VPS LLC

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